Author Topic: Vortex bladeless anyone?  (Read 976 times)

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Vortex bladeless anyone?
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:52:52 pm »
Anyone looked into the Vortex bladeless windmill project?
There doesn't seem to be much info available past their webpage and some twitter posts.  Big news, working on project in Spain and India, then not much.  Original posts claimed units for sale by September 2016, but don't think its gonna happen, at least not on time.  Hopefully, they are still progressing.
The concept is interesting, and possibly game-changing for the big innefficient 3 blade commercial units(that frequently catch fire).  No blades means no dead birds so those people can shut up.  The oscillation is supposed to be around 20hz so no noise problem, and those folks can shut up also.   I get the idea of the oscillating motion waving magnets back and forth across coils to create electricity.  Linear alternator?  Or should that be linear generator?
No idea what kind of voltages or amps their units put out, but I would be happy with a unit that could put out 60 volts or more at a few amps (10 to 20amps?) to charge the 48v battery bank.
They claim a 10 foot model puts out 100 watts.  (not worth the effort to me)
Then there's their 40 ft model that claims 4000 watts.  Now we're talking!  The mounting base would likely have to be massive.
Even a 20 ft version at around 1500-2000 watts would be very useful but not mentioned by vortex.  Mounting for a 20ft would be more reasonably sized and doable for a project.  Once functioning, seems to me it would be low maintenance and produce for years.

I could find very little real info on linear generators/alternators aside from the wave generation folks(and very little detail there), so I guess its wide open to ideas and innovation. 
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Re: Vortex bladeless anyone?
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 05:12:36 pm »
Simply this.
Getting power from the movement of air requires
 1. relative velocity of air to transducer
 2. surface area to act through

So I don't care what they purport to say, but the surface area cross section is so small, your alternator is not the problem, energy input is.

The linear alternator is also a waste of effort, as make power is a cyclical event, oscillation between zero and max.... when a normal rotary unit is max all the time.... it don't add up to much more than smoke and mirrors for me.

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