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Electric Vehicles / Re: E-Bike
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 17, 2020, 09:52:52 am »
Howdy All!

So the latest change is a new Daly 150A BMS that can handle the current of the tricycle current.

Unfortunately we found 2 cells were bloated and not a clue why except maybe just poor quality. The voltages were within 10mv of the others. They’re at 3.23v now so I may find the difference spread as they charge. 2 more are one order now anyway. These are 100ah, 30ah more than the old ones and according to the kids it goes uphill without effort now. If those cells overcharged then the cheap bms didn’t stop charging when necessary.

The new bms has Bluetooth so it will be easier to monitor. At $45 each I can’t afford to keep swapping them out. I purchased locally so I hope they didn’t sell me B grade batteries.

Best Regards
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 17, 2020, 09:34:52 am »
Hey Pete,

There is a trend now of American manufacturers making 12v lfp’s quote “Made in the USA” but everything inside is Chinese. A 200ah 12v averages $850when a pallet full of lfp’s brings the price down to around $75 each plus box plus bms. Again American greed pushing people to seek out Chinese sellers. 1 200ah lfp on ebay $225 and up. If you ship by sea a pallet cost $350 for 1 battery or 100 batteries.

I really want to expand my storage so we can have HVAC for all bedrooms at night. I have more roof to expand pv coverage in hopes of getting something on cloudy days. Still need that windmill too. Constant 10 knots and better during typhoon season especially this season. I really want to see how that delta resister setup you drew out and I built performs. The only time there isn’t much wind is the 5 months of summer of course that’s prime solar time.

In my ignorance I had not set my charge controllers to 58v but to 57v. I had the daughter change it and suddenly they went from charging at 30-32a  to 45a+. Hoping to see my shipment show up soon so we can get to 48v inverter and midnite controllers installed. Just upgrading to 48v should make a big difference. The Midnite controllers can be monitored on the web at the new cloud service and changes made as well.

Our new goal is make a permanent move early next year so fingers crossed.

Best Regards.
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by Pete on November 16, 2020, 03:53:55 pm »
Seems odd doesn't it. As most things appear to be made in China these days. One wonders how the batteries get transported around the world in the first place. All the phones and computers with lithium batteries must be delivered by remote controlled submarines I guess.
Sounds like you are still having fun figuring out how to power the Phillipines on renewable energy.
Good luck
Electric Vehicles / Re: E-Bike
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 12, 2020, 10:16:01 am »

Recently made a battery changeout. The VSLR 12v 70ah were swollen and had been reduced to about 4 kilometers range. Purchased 16 100ah lfp’s $45 each. Haven’t been able to run test yet because of typhoon season and quarantine. My daughter did all the work with me-on FaceTime, really impressed me. The bms was too small since the inrush current exceeded 45a and probably uphill too. Ordered a Daly 100a bms with lcd screen and Bluetooth.

Now to find a way to clamp it all down with the existing clamps. Much smaller footprint and exposed  buss bars. There’s the limit of my daughters skills, maybe. Could lay a restaurant size cutting board across it then layers of plywood. I have seen people use plywood on the buss bars but plywood is not a dielectric. Will check restaurant supply and see what falls out.

Pics of new battery pack, old battery pack, small bms it was only thing available quickly. With all the delays I should have just shipped a Daly bms from AliExpress before. DHL free shipping and it was there in 10 days, pretty impressive for China.

See ya!
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 12, 2020, 09:24:38 am »

So it seems that no matter how well you crate these batteries and how much you explain they are one of the safest on the market all they hear is that word lithium and respond with now way in hell are they going in our shipping container.

I sold them recently on eBay for what I paid for them. I can only imagine how that Acura hatchback drove with 648lbs in the rear. I’ll just put the money on some new lfp’s from the factory. They are under $95 now for 200ah. Server cabinet will go and everything will go inside it when I build a suitable workshop downstairs. For now everything is on The  wall and floor of the guest bedroom. That went over well with the boss 🤔.
Users Projects / Re: Off grid water heating project
« Last post by eidolon on October 30, 2020, 11:31:35 am »
Been a long time. Almost forgot this place existed.  This summer I ran my large LG washer off panels with no battery.  Nice to just start a load, close the garage door and go shopping without having to watch the generator.  I'm all about hot water.  The house has two tanks powered by just excess solar not going to batteries. I had stored a 40 gallon water heater in the garage for a couple years and finally got that working to supply hot water to the washer only.  That heater only gets excess energy not going to the other water heaters and battery.   Hoped to get it up to 75 or 80F, but this often gets over 120F and is fed into the cold water hose of the washer.  All cycles are hot.   Chart is month long record of tank temp. This board keeps the panels at power point for heating water and can divert as little as 1W to a KW automatically sensing whatever excess is available. It can track power point and has arc interrupt so existing heater control can be used in current path.  Indecently, the whole house works on a car battery and even have a dishwasher with heated dry.

It's Official: Solar Is the Cheapest Electricity in History
In a new report, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says solar is now the cheapest form of electricity for utility companies to build. That’s thanks to risk-reducing financial policies around the world, the agency says, and it applies to locations with both the most favorable policies and the easiest access to financing. The report underlines how important these policies are to encouraging development of renewables and other environmentally forward technologies.
Hey Pete

Good to hear about your new inverter. The old inverter is 110/240 60hz 15kw (I only use the 240) I think the hertz is adjustable on this model. New inverter has push buttons to change voltages and hertz. The old one has DS18B20 temp sensors on everything. Glued on with thermal adhesive. Had a Rpi displaying temps. New inverter rarely gets warmed up unless you exceed 2000 watts and that’s just the coil. Heatsinks always feel cool to the touch.

All the best
Automation, Controls, Inverters, MPPT, etc / Re: Powerjack 8000W LF Inverter Question
« Last post by Pete on October 21, 2020, 06:03:23 pm »
Hi Solar, well on the issue of tightening connections, with large multi strand cables I tighten them initially, then wriggle the cable about a bit then re tighten them. I usually check them again after a while too. Then do tend to loosen.
Some come with a metal ferule that goes around the cable and they seem to help to stop the strands from separating but still tightening a few times helps.
I did manage to go over to 24 volt, I bought a 24 to 240 volt 50hz Upower inverter. It must be a powerjack clone as it is exactly the same inside.
It came with a loose screw rattling about from the mosfet board. Then I found it had the neutral and active transposed on the output and one of the plugs was half out on the control board. Also there was an output board floating above the transformer that had shorted out onto the transformer mounting bracket. Fortunately the inverter survived until I found the faults and fixed them.
Pretty good inverters just need to be checked out before using and problems fixed.
So far it is going great. I can now run my air compressor and wood splitter directly off my solar. I only have to fire the generator up to do welding which I dont' do a lot of.
Is your 24 volt inverter 230/240 50hz output? and what size.
Hi Pete!

Yep, all breakers are DC rated and still had one burn where the front roof set comes into that breaker. Probably I didn’t double check tightness. I really should take my inch pound torque wrench with me. I have a book around here give all the required in/lbs every electrical fitting instance. I prefer breaker with a square or hex socket screw but the breaker I prefer don’t have them.

I just recently found out my charge controllers were not set to the correct absorption stop level. It hasn’t been charging them full. Suddenly the charging amps jumped from 32 to 45. I’ll be happier when my Midnite Solar controllers get there and I can monitor and program from stateside. Did you upgrade to 24v yet? I shipped a 48v 15kw PowerJack and have to find a local buyer to take this 100lb 24v PowerJack  beast off my hands.

Best Regards.
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