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Automation, Controls, Inverters, MPPT, etc / Re: Inverter V2.0
« Last post by noneyabussiness on Today at 02:08:13 pm »
I'm not sure sorry, whats the capacity and voltage of transformer?? I do know OZ discovered the eg8010 doesn't have as good dynamic range as the cpu in the PJs, you may be hitting  its limit.. but just a guess.... what is it exactly doing past 3kw ??
Automation, Controls, Inverters, MPPT, etc / Re: Inverter V2.0
« Last post by dochubert on Today at 11:10:05 am »
That's great!
I wonder why mine had a voltage control problem above 3kw?  I was thinking of changing out the egs card before using it again.  What do you think?
Automation, Controls, Inverters, MPPT, etc / Re: Inverter V2.0
« Last post by noneyabussiness on Yesterday at 04:29:05 am »
Evening Dochubert, hasn't missed a beat.. the only time its " cut out " was when the misses had big aircon going, then decided to turn oven on, while the microwave was humming along, oh all while usual parasitic loads like pool pump etc on... bout 9.5kw which was too much for the 2 63 amp breakers on input.. give em credit they allowed close to 200 amp for about a minute... then " clunck " ... had to let them cool before they would even let it idle  :o  ;D  ;D ...

Heck even had 2 accidental short circuits( tripped breakers).. still no dead mosfets yet... bloody love it so far...
Automation, Controls, Inverters, MPPT, etc / Re: Inverter V2.0
« Last post by dochubert on March 01, 2021, 02:34:19 pm »
Just wondering how your inverter is doing since your last post (4 months or so?).  I have an inverter mainboard like yours that I had connected to some powerjack toroid transformers.  It did good until the load got above 3k, then voltage output got somewhat unstable.  Shelved that mainboard for the time being.  Back to running the house on a powerjack 15kw.

Curious about your setup as I was considering using that 8010 mainboard with an industrial 5kva 32/240v transformer I got awhile back.  I expect some significant idle losses as Welshman noted with non-toroid transformers.  If its loaded 24/7 guess idle losses wouldn't matter much, but there's always the in-line choke option for reducing the idle losses.

Anyway, how is your setup performing?  If it's running cool under load that's usually a good sign....
Users Projects / Re: Arduinio Weather Station Grapher
« Last post by WooferHound on February 27, 2021, 05:41:23 pm »
I got my Weather Station parts today and now the Arduino and display are working together.

Made a small solar panel yesterday to check the outdoor Light Level and graphing the light level will be my first learning project with these parts. Been learning Arduino C++ over the last week and will start coding tomorrow.

Realized that my project is too big to fit on a Nano so these computers will be used for learning until I can get an Arduino Mega. also did not realize that this display is really small, so a bigger display will soon be arriving.
Users Projects / Re: My Lithium Ion 21 volt Solar Power System
« Last post by WooferHound on February 19, 2021, 03:50:45 pm »
It has been unusually cold around here with Snow and Ice accumulation that is the most in a decade.  Lows have been getting close to 15f/-10c here in North Alabama.
I have my new Lithium batteries in a Picnic Ice Cooler outside which would normally be fine, but  it's best that they don't freeze, so I made a small 5 watt heater out of a resistor network. This is a Series/Parallel setup made with 12 resistors totaling 70 ohms. Leads are left as long as possible to help with heat dissipation. Gets nice and toasty without melting the solder and a nice column of warm air coming off of it. Pulls 1/4 amp from the batteries.

Users Projects / Re: Changing from SLA to LifePo4 batteries
« Last post by dochubert on February 18, 2021, 03:51:15 pm »
Thanks for the info and links, Wooferhound.  Since my last post the cellmeter8 balancer hasn't been able to keep up and balancing is still not great.  Not terribly bad but not great. 
So ordered a couple of the ones in your first link and will give them a try.  I can't really go to a 5a balancer without going to bigger wire size, and that's next to impossible for now.  (Moving those big lifepo4 modules again is something I don't want to think about.)
So I should be ok with a 1.2a balancer with current wire size.  Assuming 1.2a is enough to do the work.  Guess we'll see...
Users Projects / Re: Going off-grid in Idaho
« Last post by dochubert on February 18, 2021, 03:21:48 pm »
Ok, while the v10.3 control boards should work fine, I just got some info from Sid at Genetry Solar.  (He's the designer of their forthcoming control board)  After hearing what he had to say, I'm going to wait awhile longer on the hope of getting those Genetry control boards.
From what Sid says, I should end up with a much more reliable inverter if I use his boards.  So since I currently have working inverters to run the house, I'm going to be patient (awhile longer).

I am going to predict that if these GS boards work as well as described, that Powerjack's next control board version will be a knock off of Sid's boards. Within a year is my guess. (They are being assembled at Powerjack's facility after all) 
Users Projects / Re: Off grid water heating project
« Last post by dochubert on February 12, 2021, 06:10:53 pm »

As I was setting this inverter up on its shelf, thinking I was done modifying, I remembered something.  These Upower units are all using 110v control boards. which is fine as far as it goes.  But.
If you are going to use the 220v or use the L2 leg for 110v you need to add shaping capacitors to that side.  Doesn't really matter for my water heater use, but if you look at the sine wave of the L2 leg to neutral/center tap, its very fuzzy.

Since I want to be able to use this inverter as a backup to run my house off of the 24v water heater batteries, I need to add a couple in.
A look at the control board shows the 2 large brown caps across the L1 and neutral lines.


Powerjack used to use 475j 630v caps, 2 in parallel on their 110v boards.  All the newer 110v boards use 475j 400v caps (physically smaller). On the older 230v control boards, they used one cap across L1 and L2, which seemed to work fine. 
I have some of the 630v on hand so that's what I'll use.


Since the L2 lead from the transformer goes directly to the output (no connection to the control board), I'll just solder a short piece of wire to the two caps in parallel and connect the wires to thr L2 and N output connector. (I thought about removing the two caps from the board and using one across L1 and L2, but that's too much work.)
Users Projects / Arduinio Weather Station Grapher
« Last post by WooferHound on February 12, 2021, 07:59:06 am »
I have always wanted to work with Arduino Microcontrollers and have decided to jump in Head-First and build a Weather Grapher.
This device will make Measurements of the following . . .
Indoor Temp
Indoor Humidity
Outdoor Temp
Outdoor Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Outdoor Light
It will make a measurement of all modes every minute, Every 12 minutes it will be averaged and stored, creating 5 averaged readings per hour.
At midnight the whole day will be averaged for the Out Temp and Out Lite readings and stored to make some graphs that show 120 day Trends
The display will be  small OLED screen with a 128x64 display
8 buttons will cause a graph of information to be displayed . . .
1- In Temp  24hr
2- In Hum  24hr
3- Out Temp  24hr
4- Out Hum  24hr
5- Bar Pres 24hr
6- Out Lite 24hr
7- 120 Day Temp Averages
8- 120 Day Light Averages

This project will involve . . .
Arduino Uno
2 DHT22 Temp Humidity sensors
Barometric Pressure sensor
Small Solar panel
Real Time Clock
and some switches
The Hardware part of the project appears to be simple.

Have programed in BASIC before and have been spending the last week learning Arduino C++
Doesn't seem to be too much of a learning curve.

Haven't ordered any parts yet so this may take some time ?

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