Author Topic: converting 18 v package to 24 v without destroying the package  (Read 6488 times)

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converting 18 v package to 24 v without destroying the package
« on: February 15, 2014, 08:03:42 am »
Here is how to make a 24 v package or a 12v double capacity without
ruining the original package
as thus:2890-0
a little secret .....whether the 3 stacks or 4 .....the circumferance
remains the same !
  The first step is to cut both ends off from the package using a sharp
utility knife carefully cut just exactly underneath the edge of the cardboard
oval on both ends not stick the point of the knife too far inside
to avoid the possibility of shorting the cells !
  carefully snip the 2 wires coming thru the top end.
  remove all connections except the tab at the bottom of the first and second
stack that is the first being the stack with the red wire and the second being
the middle stack.
  Do same with a second package .
  Stick them outside for awhile where it is 32F or lower .
  Then slam them sideways against a rounded edge similar to the
round edge of the kitchen counter, but not the kitchen counter  ::).
   This will leave you with the 3 stacks in each loose inside  the band
of plastic wrap..... take the 2 that are connected in each package and
arrange them so you can connect them in series for a 24 volt or parallel
for a 12 volt .
A spot of hot glue between all 4 on both end just to keep them from slipping around on you while you wedge them back into one of the empty packages .

4 of these will fit into an empty orange juice carton.

BTW the blue and green batteries seem to come in black packages and
tubes (higher capacity and longer life than the 1300 Ma/hr. cardboard tube ones.
1800 for the green ones .2891-1

Have Fun guys.