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My 3cell NiCads
« on: July 02, 2013, 07:19:40 am »
    These are my basic Ni Cads from which I test and use in my
4+1 LED lights and my cordless drill battery packs I'm gradually
making them as I go along with my various other projects.
......building little boxes to hold 5 in each box.

    Very handy as I have mainly 5 .....4+1 LED lights, and the 18
volt cordless drills take 5 ....I use 5 also in the 19.2 as it's not
worth the trouble to have an additional volt or so .

    This is the modified 6volt drill that uses 2 of the 3 cell Ni Cads,
which of course makes it a 7.2 drill now.
    I cut off the bottom end of the drill to make it easy to insert
the batteries, in it's original form it had 5 cells that were fastened
together and you charged with a wall wart....the old bother  of having
to wait awhile before you could use it again........No More.....Now you just
remove the end cap (next pic) take out the 2 batteries and put   2 more
freshly charged batteries !
     Here is the end cap that I was making for the 7.2 drill not too
clear, but basically a cap made out of cardboard then will be covered with
fiberglas and epoxy it has spring loaded connection in the bottom to connect
the 2 batteries in series .

      I'll show how I am making the PVC battery holders for the 14.4 (4 batteries) cordless drills in the next postings.
     This sure beats buying the original batteries that are made  for these drills .....Eh ?

      Having Fun in good ole  Conneaut, O.....( the sharpest corner in Ohio !)

and the 18 volt.  (5 batteries )

BTW this didn't work in that .....uh    other forum at 640x480 it claimed the pic were too large  only 100 K  allowed ????