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The Addiction Continues.. From January 30, 2009, 03:13:51 PM
« on: January 09, 2012, 10:57:16 am »
Well, I promised to post about this new battery bank we just had installed.

After about 8 years my [horribly abused while learning] original set of 8 T-105 Trojans have gotten pretty well used up. They were consuming way more than they gave back so...

This is a tiny photo of it before it was wired and the water saver caps were installed.

It is a Deka 600 AH @ 24 volts nominal set comprised of 12 2 volt cells with the EZ Link option and weighs in at about 1100#. Generally these are used in pallet jacks.

I tried to get a set of L-16 Trojans from my local Solar dealer but it was going to be nearly March before he got them in stock. I decided to seek another local source. We are big on "local" these days.

I tried to  contact several industrial grade battery companies online with absolutely no response from any of them until I found Remis Power Systems in Onalaska, Wisconsin about 50 miles away. Pat Remis, the CEO phoned me the very next business day after I emailed them over a weekend with the same info request the others ignored. That was about a month ago and not one other seller has replied.

Pat and I communicated back and forth for a few emails sorting out my options. Pat is extremely knowledgeable with something like 30 plus years in the battery business. We settled on a price and delivery.

I only wanted them delivered and set in place in the can and that was what was included in the cost. However, Pat delivered them himself and  insisted on properly installing the EZ Link connectors and battery out leads into my terminal block, ready to connect to the inverter. Since he very carefully assembled and torqued the nuts on the connectors it was a good thing because I don't have a torque wrench. 

The photos are over here:

I take big detailed photos so I just link to them rather than mess around resizing. Just click on a thumbnail to see a higher resolution photo when in the Gallery.

There is a problem with that gallery for some folks. I tried to duplicate it here:

Just so folks know who I dealt with:

Patrick K. Remis, C.E.O.

Remis Power Systems

W7982 County Hwy. Z

Onalaska, Wisconsin

Phone 608.781.7144 EXT 11

FAX: 608.781.1502


He also has branches in Madison, WI and dePere, WI

Tell him TomW sent you!

Good folks to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone interested in their product

I will not quote the price we settled on because that will likely change. I can tell you that the main components of the system, in order of cost lower to higher, is Inverter, Batteries, Solar Panels. No clue on turbine costs in there but its likely less than any other components in the system.

Just a share.


Again, a  repost from originally From January 30, 2009, 03:13:51 PM
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