Author Topic: The addiction Continues Repost from FieldLines on August 27, 2010, 08:06:37 AM  (Read 7091 times)

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Repost from my Diary at on August 27, 2010, 08:06:37 AM:

Well, folks. I thought I was "caught up" on my RE expenditures for the immediate future.

Like all addictions we have the illusion we are actually in control. It is not so!

I read with interest this post by fabricator:,144061.0.html

Now I have a "long term plan" to get our submersible water pump on RE, either with a DC pump or a 240 volt inverter upgrade to my core Outback inverter.

Due to the decent reviews given for the inverter fabricator used I bid on a 24 volt 2500 watts 240 VAC from the same line. Well, I got it for $239 free shipping.

This past Wednesday I was at my Surplus Outlet where I get items to list on Feebay. In my recon around the yard I spot this Absolyte / GNB Traction battery on a pallet in the warehouse. 36 Volt 850 AH sealed battery in a can. 2280 #. The store owner told me he had just had it tested and it has 1 basically dead cell and 2 wimpy cells.  He couldn't find reasonably priced cells to swap so he was going to recycle or sell it. I asked how much. He said its yours for $200.  Well, I went about my business and by the end of the day I had decided to just take the chance on it and forked over the $200! I left it there as I was a bit concerned with how long it would be before I could get it dealt with.  From the weight on the can I expect the cells weigh in at 125# or about 2.5X the limit my cardiologist says I can safely handle. Plus, the Dakota is not rated for a ton of load but I decided I can baby it the 50 miles safely enough if I load it well forward. I am going to pick it up Monday I think  Should get a full 850 AH 24 V bank from the good cells plus 3 extra cells "in case".

Battery nameplate Specs:

18 Cells
37.8 Volts
850 AH

Sorry did not get any photos of the battery. Duh

So this week I doubled my storage capacity and got my pump off grid. Oh, I snagged a nice big 3 Phase 60 amp 600 VAC transfer switch to go from RE to grid on the pump for $100.

So for under $600 I will get my pump off grid on its own system. Or should. If I am lucky the inverter will drive the pump alone but if it doesn't I will get another to network to it.

I probably will try to sort out how to incorporate the new bank into my system with the 20 month old DEKA 450 AH 24 volt bank but to start it will be a separate system except the RE sources.  I got my old 10 footer fixed up and nearly installed. Cracked / loose stator and a busted prop from my stupidity while it was stored. Had to lop off 4.5" on each blade to even up for the chunk I busted off one. Duh.

Well, just an update and I am interested in ideas on how to incorporate this used Absolyte / GNB bank into my existing system so I can use that full 1300 AH capacity regularly.

I am addicted to RE and addicted to "shopping" at surplus outlets  I usually buy more than I resell there but who can pass up a brand new ~$1000 switch for $100 when it is staring you in the face?

Thanks for looking.


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nice score. Wish we had some surplus facilities here in NW Florida. I have to hunt the local junkyards for parts for the small system I've built in preparation for a 9' HAWT.
Good luck with your systems and the new Forum.