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water supply
« on: January 23, 2012, 08:08:42 am »
    I'll start by saying we've always had a good well.  It was dug in '93, to replace the existing well,
which was hand dug in 1907.  (original wood cribbed, collapsed)
    Good, as in clean, and flow around 5 gpm.  Not a ton of flow, but, it's 24 inch, and 100 feet deep, so
lots of quick capacity.
     In June, we had an ugly storm that dumped about 6 inches of rain in 20 minutes.  That is kind of how
weather is here, so things were ready, and functioning.
     A few days later, our water got hard, and lots of turbidity.
     We waited it out for a bit, pumped lots, etc. then decided to put in filters, and a softener.
     If this works, pics attached.
    As Murphy would have it, 6 months later, the well is almost back to normal, but we are ready
for the next time.  And it's only money, right?
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