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Solar Powered Yuma Arizona
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:59:22 am »
Me and my girlfriend have visited her daughter in Yuma Arizona twice in the last 5 months


We were there for the Christmas Holidays and recently we were house-sitting while they went on vacation in Mexico. We flew about 1800 miles to get there and it is very different than Alabama because it is in the Desert. I instantly noticed that Solar Panels were everywhere and later found out that Yuma is the Sunniest place on Earth with almost 270 cloudless days a year with only a few rain days.At first I wanted to take pictures of the abundance of solar panels, but they are literally everywhere. All schools and a large number of businesses have solar farms close to the property.


The house we were staying in had the South facing roof covered in panels. Our hosts did not know anything about their system and said that it doesn't need any maintenance and it just works. It could not provide power if the Grid went down. I took a picture of the working bits but it was very minimal with nothing much to see. They said that the biggest power bill they get is $40.oo but most of the time they had a credit on the bill.

Nice place to visit but it gets up and over 120 degrees in the middle of summer. Was forecast to be 105 degrees a few days after we flew home. It rained on both of our visits and we were accused of bringing with us from Alabama.


My favorite place to see was the "Bridge to Nowhere" about 10 miles North of town.

----- From Website -----
Construction began in mid-1928 and was completed in December 1929. McPhaul Bridge carried traffic on US 95 until 1968, when it was deemed unacceptable for modern, heavier cars. A new dam was built upstream that rerouted the river, along with a new bridge to carry the highway, leaving the old bridge metaphorically and a bit literally high and dry.

This place was the best place I had ever been to find good looking stones for my new Rock Polishing hobby. I collected and sent back 3 packages of rocks to tumble in the near future, a total of 60 pounds.
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