Author Topic: Circular Economy: Portable Wind Turbine Project  (Read 2996 times)

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Circular Economy: Portable Wind Turbine Project
« on: February 21, 2016, 08:44:31 am »

I am currently a final year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Bath and I am in the process of developing a DIY portable wind turbine made from your old washing machine.

The Phoenix project came about as a result of the circular economy drive and focuses on reuse rather than recycle. I am trying to collect data from potential users in order to help formulate the final specifications for the product, the link to the survey I have prepared in order to help me collate this information can be found below:

I will be extremely grateful for any responses as the more people respond, the better I can understand the potential users of the product and therefore the better I can develop the product to meet these users needs.



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Re: Circular Economy: Portable Wind Turbine Project
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2016, 12:04:40 pm »
I have 3off 3.7m diameter, 'Hugh Piggott' design.

Its a simple, robust and very cost effective design of HAWT.

'Hugh' has been developing and improving over the last 40 years now, and he does not exaggerate the output power, which sadly with the so called domestic wind turbines is a very common occurrence. Especially with the generator efficiencies, and trying to beat the 'Betz limit', and the Turbine itself efficiencies, 20% I understand is good.

As regards the washing machine motor I presume you mean those smart drive systems where the stator is on the outside?

'Honeywell' tried this, with a ducted design, but with the initially cost and installation there are very few that survived very long. I watched one on test in the UK disintegrate within 6 months.

As regards portable wind turbines, 'Midnite' have a brief utube on a standard layout portable turbine they are developing with the US military, its about 2 meters in diameter so about rated at 500w, and a heck of a frame, attached to a Humvee and trailer .

I have seen over the years many start up companies with portable wind turbines, but their figures don't match the real world and the companies do not last long, and leave a long lasting bitter taste with the misled consumers.

Good luck with your endeavours.