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Kwh monitor
« on: May 19, 2015, 12:14:36 am »
Well life goes on here in the Daintree rain forest in Far North Queensland (FNQ) which also has another meaning about #@! nothing quickly OZ.

Anyway my latest little toy is a handy little meter that allows me to monitor how much current /Watts and Kwh's an appliance draws, not rocket science but.....


The module, purchased of course off eBay


Assembled and monitoring my fridge.

My salvage Detroit generator is an ongoing project, I now have it up and running, wired into my power system via it's own switch board and then the inverter but not auto start by the inverter yet. I opted for a separate switch board because it gives me the best possible chance to maintain a water supply in the event of a house fire, up here that is important.


Little problems keep cropping up like fuel in the sump so today I swopped the fuel lift pump off the spare engine, since this is the most likely suspect.

I know it was a while ago but new years eve here was a blast.


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Re: Kwh monitor
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2015, 02:13:33 am »
Near fell off my chair... three of those meters turned up at my place today... I bought them for projects... but specifically for the latest inverter..... but it looks too complex/busy now for the design... ie I went for minimalist look.... and that meter does not do it... even tried blacking all the white bits out... but still too busy looking, so will stay with this one for this design........

 Has the same functions.

 I do like the CT coils. Some of those black meters as shown, come with resistors for the current shunt... but at more than a few kw they are touch and go....some come with CT coil which this one did... Wouldn't be happy running that currrent and higher on the non-coil ones

Genny switchboard looks the part,.... and I have been to a few new years eve parties too...... but gee, never had enough to chase the"bird" on the left..... must be the white dress that puts me off :)

Flinders Island...... Australia