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Electric Vehicles / Re: E-Bike
« Last post by solarnewbee on Today at 01:21:01 am »
Quick question because I’m not familiar with charging sealed lead acid batteries. I’ve been letting the mppt charge controllers internal program do the job. It is user selectable up to a point then you get a fault warning. I have heard on the is forum talk of numbers for wet cell or 60v. Any thoughts?
Product Reviews / Re: Mini Split
« Last post by lighthunter on January 16, 2022, 04:37:49 am »
I finally found some comparable information, below is the AHRI label for a slightly better heat pump than the one i have also made by Pioneer, it also costs $1058 whereas mine was $750 and has HSPF4 rating of 9.5. The one below has hspf of 9.8. So if you can find this information it helps compare apples to apples before you make a decision. Unfortunately it appears like those that have the rating cost substantially more and arent necessarily better.
Product Reviews / Re: Mini Split
« Last post by lighthunter on January 15, 2022, 08:48:12 pm »
Hi!  Since its been so cold i havent used the heat pump much but today it got up to 14F (-10C) and plenty of sun (after removing 10" snow from panels), I turned it on and it impressed me again. It wasnt a ton of heat but it was certainly more than a 1200w electric heater.  I shut it off again at 5pm at 8F(-13C) when sun went down but it was still heating a fair amount and the garage temp had raised from 40F to 53F so it defenitely did some heating.

To be clear, if you want to spend the money, they make units like Cooper&Hunter that have an hspf of 12 and will heat down to -22F for $1269. There are of course units that cost less than this Pioneer at around $500. But they dont even have an hspf rating. So be aware, they are not all created equal.
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by Pete on January 12, 2022, 02:52:22 pm »
Hi Solar, I had a thought, rather than run one giant inverter, it may be better to split the loads and run a couple or more smaller inverters.
It seems that once we have just one big inverter and it blows up then things get complicated.
If you were to say use one inverter for lighting, and two for power, ( split the power outlets in the house over two or more circuits) then redundancy allows for quick swaps when needed.
I am having a good run so far with the 8010 based aliexpress boards. I have three now. One with a rewound powerjack transformer form an 8kw powerjack and two with transformers from an 8kw powerjack that had two transformers.
So far they are working well, nice clean sinewaves and no failures.
Setting them up requires a variable power supply to set low voltage cutouts , high voltage cutouts and overload but that is not too hard.
Then just following Ozs stuff on getting rid of the chip off the 8010 board. After that all seems good.
I hope that your retirement goes well and that the system you have set up runs for many trouble free years.
Oh , I don't have grid power so there are no problems with changeover here.
Glad you got yours sorted
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by rossw on January 12, 2022, 05:21:20 am »
Yess Ross you ruffled my feathers

I'm sorry, that was never my intention. I'm not even sure what I said to have had that effect.
Anyhow, onwards and upwards. Collect those photons, pump those electrons, be happy.
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by solarnewbee on January 12, 2022, 04:09:23 am »
Firstly I didn’t know what I was doing 5 years ago when I found this forum and Oz, who everyone looks up as “THE guy”, starts a thread about guess who bought a powerjack. I had just bought a powerjack after someone had mentioned LF pure sine wave was the way to go felt relieved someone who appeared intelligent blessed the inverter. That inverter running on an ATS switch (double disconnect motorized lockout type) worked for 3 years straight with little trouble barring cleaning dust out for airflow.

I finally retire and find I have a modem that’s important to my son-in-law’s call center and try a SSR ATS not know that would totally screw up the new 15kw 48v upgrade PJ. That PJ worked flawlessly for about a year til I screwed it up not because it is a “cheap” solution. Some of us are on low budgets. Especially when we sink an ass of money into lfp’s and solar panels.

That cheap Sunyima inverter worked a champ on the 15kw coil until it got tied to the grid. Again my mistake not a cheap inverter. Whenever an inverter blow up on my setup the house just switches to grid not affecting any sensitive gear. Surge protected takes a permanent hit tho.

I’m back to the old style ATS and my “cheap” PJ inverter but all is well. If I had spent 1000’s on an inverter I would have blown that up too. There are solid state ATS out there but industrial Scale and mostly 3 phase. I should have done a YouTube video. It would have been a first and maybe someone out there make one work correctly.

Yess Ross you ruffled my feathers but so what this forum 95% dead anyway. I’m thankful at least to those who pay attention to me and genuinely try to help like Pete nonya LH doc sometimes others.

Happy new year to all make this greater than last.
Users Projects / Re: Off grid water heating project
« Last post by lighthunter on January 11, 2022, 06:02:12 pm »
Hi all!  I had two thoughts on the water heating thing. Doc mentioned a preheat tank. If that doesnt work for you, another approach that i use is a 100 gal tall electric. Not everyone has thought about this but water stratifies in an insane way. The water at the top can be 60C when the bottom is 20C and it seems to stay that way. By running top and bottom elements on different thermostats, you can use a priority heating scheme to meet your need. Also, i have a well shed with 80Gal pressure tank. Ive a 250w heat lamp plugged into a 3°C switch sitting beside a vulnerable pipe. So ive kinda the opposite scheme as doc where this water starts out at probably 10C drops to 3C and then gets piped to the house then heated in water heater.  So wouldnt it make sense to move that pressure tank to our basement where its around 25-27C?  Or would i create more problems like a pressure switch that cycles quickly because of delayed pressure response. Cant say ive ever seen anyone set up this way but then not sure anyone would have a reason to.

Hope everyone is getting plenty of sunshine! We got about 27kw today, yesterday was good too!
Product Reviews / Re: Mini Split
« Last post by Pete on January 01, 2022, 05:05:59 pm »
Hi LH sounds good. I would much rather use Solar power than Gas to heat our place.
At this time of year we don't need to heat the place at all. We are in the middle of 4 days of what for us is hot weather (25C)
Looking forward to it cooling down, we both much prefer the cooler weather, 15C and down is good for us.
In winter the house is heated at the moment by wood, we open doors if it gets to 22 C inside.
The idea of a heat pump is still rattling about in the brain box.
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by rossw on January 01, 2022, 02:01:14 pm »
Yeah Ross but your life is probably boring, the rest of us have drama and disaster sacrifices for entertainment! HA!

I have so much to do that "boring" is good. You remember those days during school holidays when you'd say "I'm bored, what can I dooooo?"
I haven't uttered that for over 40 years!

We live in a different world today

Indeed we do, and not all for the better sadly.

Maybe the turning point was when i was in high school chemistry
nobody got hurt but some valuable lessons.

Absolutely. More excitement than I want for now although I will admit to having experienced more than enough of those "exciting" moments over the years. Mostly nobody too badly hurt (most of the time me!). As you say, lessons to learn everywhere, if you look :)
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by lighthunter on January 01, 2022, 08:32:50 am »
Yeah Ross but your life is probably boring, the rest of us have drama and disaster sacrifices for entertainment! HA!

I do agree with you, when i started in cnc service 20 years ago, saving money on a cheaper repair decision was valued and valuable. We live in a different world today, downtime is not tolerable in most cases and can easily be more expensive than installing the more expensive choocher.  Everybody has their own unique environment with different influences. It amazes me how many folks on here do so well hooking up this equipment successfully with little experience beforehand. Shucks, a lot of what i know came from making the mistakes and
blowing up some victim when i was teenage years. Luckily, ive learned not to take risks and depend on the Lord to avoid trouble. Maybe the turning point was when i was in high school chemistry, done with my project my buddy moaning about no ideas, i suggested we make some hydrogen. All we need is a diode and an outlet an some water. Things went well until i got impatient waiting for the bubbles, so i found some salt to make the water a bit more conductive. Boy did it ever improve conductivity, immediately boiling yellow gas (deadly chlorine) came billowing out of that beaker so fast. Somehow the color was enough to scare me to oblivion and shut down, nobody got hurt but the night of the exhibit someone asked my buddy if that was really hydrogen in his plastic bag (1 quart) probably not full. So he lights it an the sound was deafening bang! Again nobody got hurt but some valuable lessons.
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