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My new exercise bike that I bought last year and finally figured
how to make it into a PedGen.....simple just hack up the old one,
take the sprocket and put it on the left side of the crank and hook
it back up to the wheel and EMC just like it was before.....
neat ....I thought !


I've been making different arraangements and finally decided to 
make shorter arms to support the wheel also makes for a shorter
chain length and have the arms swivel around that large bottom horizontal
tube ....should be pretty neat if I ever get it done.
 One of my new years finally get some use out of that Weslo
machine that I bought about a year ago.....tired of hearing the wife remarking,
"We really needed that...... makes a nice coat rack....."
Guess some of you guys have had similar experiences with your spouses ?

I have a lot of "coat racks" too.

Guessing the separate part with the scooter wheel and motor weighs less than 20 pounds?
Is it heavy enough to hold itself in place?
Wondering if it wouldn't flip over at high output.

Maybe if the back sections was fastend to some plywood that went under the back legs of the Weslo it would be solid?

Hi Norm,
              Heres a though about it raising up in use. At the end of those blue pipes put some springs and make them adjustable so when a heavy load starts the springs can stretch abit. By tweaking the springs i'm sure you'll find the sweet spot also so peddling away won't be like trying to ride up Mt Everest......

Cheers Bryan

cool norm................


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