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Hi Everyone most of you probably know me from otherpower,
as Norm ....anyway, was a real effort on my part gettng
climbing on board.....those icons and letters! I'm a real
dummy when it comes to navigating on the internet !  ::)
You'll probably see me a lot on human power and NiCad
I got some kind of crap in my left eye right before Christmas
and ....well it got scratched and infected....taking some kind
of drops small bottle 1 drop 4x a day figure @$45 a bottle
(small bottle) probably 25 cents a drop.
So I'm not going to be doing too much for awhile on the computer....
 Yesterday was real agony dialating drops at
the Dr.'s and the sun was bright! hardly a cloud in the sky....
second day this week . Even with sunglasses things were
too welding without a helmet...good grief!
.....had to do some driving.....

Glad to be aboard / :)

Hey Norm!!  Take care of the eye, been there (welder)  Hope all is better soon.

Welcome aboard, hope your eye heals quickly, I've been there too so I feel for ya.

I can't believe that a whole month has gone by since I had trouble with my
eye...well to make it a short story it started feeling better by the next day.
I got busy doing things and a couple days later I forgot that my eye had
even been bothering me. nice if all my ailments would go away so quickly and easily....
but doubt if that will ever happen.

in the meantime I've added to my exercise equipment....a Weslo Pursuit E-26
which will give me a workout with my upper body.

I have noticed your nick on another forum, but unfortunately I never looked into your projects much. I'd love to find out more.


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