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Using a Bike as a Car


The motor on my van froze-up last winter and I am now getting around on a 10 speed Bicycle. I bought some nice saddle-bag style baskets that go over the rear wheel that are big enough to carry 6 bags of groceries in. Regularly make trips around town from 2 to 6 miles away. My regular stagehand job is 2.3 miles away and it takes me 5 minutes longer on the bike compared to the van. Got some fancy puncture proof tires and a good Speedometer/odometer that shows that I am riding about 100 miles every month. I have grown to really enjoy the rides very much and when the van get's fixed I will continue to ride frequently. Got to be at work on Sunday morning at 7:am when there will be little to no traffic and I can take the whole road to myself. I have some battery powered lighting on the front and back and am frequently riding after midnight because of my job.

In the last 3 years, 5 beer breweries have opened in the same location about 1.5 miles away from home. It is one of my favorite rides to make before my drinking nights. It is kinda bad when I need to ride somewhere the next morning with a hangover.

Great Woof....your in better doubt .!  Love to ride here as well..or hike did your bike gen project turn out..?   

I got discouraged with my Bike Lighting project. It was going to take 2 magnets spinning on the spokes tightly mounted, which I was thinking would be big and unbalance the tire, plus a coil mounted on the bike frame which would need some fine adjustment. The alignment was going to need close tolerances and it would get screwed up thoroughly if they ever came into contact. If I can think of a way to make it easily then I might give it a try.

My wife has started bragging about my butt since I've started riding regularly.

hiker1: does have its benefits ..😜. Even Better when you both ever try one of those front mount rollor type bike gens..mounts down low in front of rear tire...had one years slippage when wet...had a rough surface to grip the tire better...finally wore mine out..bearing went after years of use.....


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