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loaded bike.alt..


built this while back...20-15 alt..  60 turns #17 wire two in hand.....kinda over built--would make for a better wind turbine...ceramic mags with two small neoes glued on top of each ceramic..  fun build and aggravating at times--as in most of my builds !  use it when i cant hike or bike..makes for a good work out....
if i do another--ile  turn the mags and coils sideways--so the coil legs produce  the power not the ends...kinda screwed up from the start of the build..when i wanted to save on the number of mags i used--by placing them length wise on the wheel.. and guess what--the coil holes have steel flat bar in them -laying flat-plus theirs a steel band that the coils lay on--i thought it would cog really bad..not really you can spin it with your finger--but of course it doesnt spin as long as it did with no stator....any way it really loads up with a small load--the cost you pay for building a low speed alt--have to fight all that the load..and the drag of the steel band -steel in coil holes.also...........overall its fun to mess with.....   now to build it right..never seems to end !

better discription...//

Heh thought maybe you were going to need a runway when you hit those contacts... looks like fun tho... next version maybe have the extra juice the fan doesn't need go into the amp to crank the eagles up... but then I suppose you /will/ need the runway LOL

What kinda power can you sustain out of it?


hiker1: really sounds like your riding in the wind...with just the fan..its kinda easy..but once I start adding extra run time is shorten...grandkids have a blast on it..they like the big sparks it throws out when shorted.....I'm sure I could build a smaller one...with less wire..and get some good belt drive pedgens put out way more power with less and learn..



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