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How I completely recharge 10 NiCads ata time



to be continued

This morning I started to finish recharging 40 nicads.....
A small box that holds ..40 separate cells
another the same size bottom lined with aluminum foil .
9 columns + end up  5 rows .
 Put 10 in one of those white tubes that you see under the stool,
and connect ECM to terminals , pedal for 10 minutes let rest for 10
minutes repeat until voltage stays at 13.50.
took 3 times .
set in another aluminum foil bottom lined box.
grab another set and repeat the process
when done I check the lowest reading ones and repeat the whole process
again .
finally after about 4 hrs. of total time pedaling I have them ALL reading
at least 1.33
Now leave them set for about a week and most of them go down to like 1.30

any that have dropped significantly lower I class as failed .
 Will post pics of the test equip. later on tomorrow .
Thanks for viewing ....and looking forward to questions.
Fun in NE Ohio!
 ;D  Norm

Hey,Buddy, if you keep this up you will have those 6 pack abs back by Spring! Like mine they are hiding behind that padding under your belt.


and today I finally decided to make an AA battery holder to recharge those little yellow batteries that Bruce sent me years ago ....I've been using them about
a dozen that I have left in a couple/few nite lights so instead of waiting for
the wall recharger that was taking all day to foozle around now I charge 5 at a time with the PetGen in my new battery holder 5 in 5 minutes !

  Why didn't I make one of these years .....yeah years ago !


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