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Big question----what to wear
« on: December 29, 2013, 08:34:19 am »
    It's not too bad when you are at home, with a closet full of clothes, but if you want to take a
short (couple of days) trip, what do you take to wear.  The whole closet?
    If it is read-able, this illustrates how changeable the weather has been for the last while.
    Most of the above freezing days have had a bit of rain thrown in for fun.
    On the plus side,  all of the roof work I have done around here has passed the extreme
weight test.   :)
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Re: Big question----what to wear
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 05:07:40 am »
 Hmmm...  Well, lets look at this for a moment...

What has always seemed strange to me is the radical difference between summer and winter up toward your way... I guess its just lack of regulation by bodies of water... ?

It doesn't get all that much warmer here in the peak heat, but it doesn't get anywhere near as low either... If we get negative signs on the fahrenheit scale where I am, we question the possibility of an ice age... Yet, don't hold me to it too closely, but I think we might have broken the triple digit mark only once or twice this past summer too. Course here, with the RH so high, 100F feels like a zero is missing, but still :P

The other part of the oddity for me is, I remember Colorado as more extreme than here, but nothing like what you, Wolv, et al see... So bodies of water ain't everything hehe :o

According to our friend, the bot:

34.0 C is 93.2 F, 307.1 K, 552.9 R
-36.0 C is -32.8 F, 237.1 K, 426.9 R

100.0 F is 37.8 C, 310.9 K, 559.7 R
0.0 F is -17.8 C, 255.4 K, 459.7 R

 With all of that said, in re: to the question at hand, I gotta go with "What is a southbound moving truck with an uber-robust heater in it, Alex" :D

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