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pedal powered desulfator
« on: February 18, 2012, 08:24:25 pm »
I just had a thought about how to utilize the Weslo P-26 to desulfate lead-acid
batteries....would also zap Ni-Cad batteries....
The ratio of the P-26 from pedal crankshaft to flywheel is 1:8
The overall ratio of my Pedgen's crankshaft to the ECM's armature shaft
is 1:7.5......however if I were to put the ECM's friction wheel (4 inch Razor scooter type
wheel ) against the Weslo's flywheel it would be the Weslo's pedal crank ratio of 1 to
32 which would result in spinning the armature ....even pedal cranking at
30 rpm =960 rpm of ECM (normal charging speed about 300 rpm.)
speed in a charging rate of perhaps 25 volts to the 12 volt battery maybe more when you
closed the switch .

Now I would have a centrifugal switch set to close when set for a certain arbitary speed,
naturally in a couple of seconds it would slow the flywheel down and would kick out again
still pedaling flwheel pick up the cut in speed and kick in again, the duty cycle would
increase the harder you pedaled.

even simpler a switch on the handlegrip whenever pushing on the switch would close it.
Wouldn't this rejuvenate old batterys ?

Guys give me your expert opinions ?

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Re: pedal powered desulfator
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 07:47:54 pm »
Hey Norm,

I am not an expert about it, and I am not completely convinced it works very often, but...

For FLAs,
I think it needs to happen 1,000,000s of times to do any good.
I don't think a thumb switch is going to do any good.
Might try a ghurd controller with 50% more dump load (120W?) as the input power (80W?).
This is an unusual circumstance, and it may be one of those times 2 car headlight bulbs would do the job quite well.

For Ni-Cads,
I would NOT recommend that much current into them!
For zapping Ni-Cads (not that I would recommend it as something people should try), I hit them with a very small gauge wire for just a fraction of a second, 2-3-4 times (like tapping a smoke on the Zippo?).
Might need to repeat it.
If that doesn't work, they go into the recycle bin (with tape on the terminals) at OfficeMax, BestBuy, etc.


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Re: pedal powered desulfator
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2012, 07:04:23 am »
Guess I'll forget the whole deal then figure another way to tap
the power from the flywheel on the P-26....
Then it would possibly powered by Barb....she don't like the seat
on it low as I can get it without cutting an inch off the bottom
of the pipe seat....but you can actually make a recumbrent out of it
by placing one of the kitchen chairs behind it.....quite easy for her
in fact she even complained that it was too easy so I dialed a shade
of resistance.

Have to quit for now time for Nellie's shot.