Author Topic: Who else has disconnected that power hungry converter from AC mains?  (Read 17794 times)

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Re: Who else has disconnected that power hungry converter from AC mains?
« Reply #15 on: June 14, 2013, 08:51:35 am »
 Humm will i cant decide do i open a new topic or try beat some life out on this one. But I to am dispiritedly trying to get my 20 footer off the monster eating my electric bill up to and I need try do so with out that fantasy stuff people call cash !
  I am working on a small wind mill of hard drive mags because I have WAY  more then enough and even soon will be posting quit a few up for sale and i have more then enough magwire at 18 to 27 agw and i would thing as well a good surplus of 14 agw from microwave transformers i never bothered to re wind yet. I was hoping to find any one that migh have all ready done some trail blazing with say old desk tops power supply's for there water pump and general lighting and possibly back up the charging on a pare of 109ah deep cycles.
 I regret i did not consider the psu, before i took a large grope of industrial servers psu's in for salvage but i have a hand full of desk tops still on hand.
  I am hoping there are a few that maybe all ready explored this  and maybe the Ghurd controller used to manage the loads to help between the truck wind mile or utility powering the system. I forget to add to the systems equation i intend run a Harbor fright 1500/3000 watt inverter to run a small  fridge rated half that of the inverter.
  I was given a Exide 2000ex charger inverter with the control panel with trim pots for current for the charge and cycling of the battery bank. The charger/inverter stopped the guy told me, but it still has the circuit or device that switches the system on and off when it is plunged in and detects shore power.  Got a nice Onan to i no longer see use for that I was going to cut new brushes for.
  I have had no luck even with all the marinas i am surrounded by to find a tec sheet or repair shop for the excide 2000ex. I guess with all the money flows this way for the boating industry , It is the state of the norm they break / they replace instead of repair? What a waist !
 But I welcome any ideas or help with this project . Sadly I also am soon the close down my shop and can only hope to set up a new one once I am settled in the Philippines.  But that wont be of use back here in the states when I'll be living on the road with the  trailer. Sadly we do not have enough states that allow duel trailers to drag a travail shop with me  and I don't think I can afford the fuel any way LOL
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Re: Who else has disconnected that power hungry converter from AC mains?
« Reply #16 on: June 23, 2013, 09:37:53 am »
I am not quite clear on what you are trying to do.

If you are just trying to "maintain" (from another post) a pair of 110AH marine batteries for LED lighting, then that does not take a whole lot.  Certainly not the 20A mentioned elsewhere.

Some people use a modified version of the Ghurd Controller for a backup grid powered charger.
When the battery gets low (12.25V), then the relay feeds grid power to a battery charger.
When the bettery gets full enough (maybe about 12.8V, but depends on the system size and loads) the relay shuts off grid power to the charger.
Works fine with cheap simple transformer chargers.

SSR is Solid State Relay.
The "about 500 ohms" needed reduced to maybe 220(?) with his SSR.
Notice both fets are N-channel.