Author Topic: In Search Of Large Ferrite like (ICH) U100/57/25-3C90  (Read 5393 times)

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In Search Of Large Ferrite like (ICH) U100/57/25-3C90
« on: September 06, 2019, 09:26:56 pm »
So I went in search of a core from a solar inverter (this was a Clenergy 5Kw jobbie) so
Ripped it open and removed the transformer block (this was a rubber encapsulated block) and this looked  promising (turns out this was three separate blocks that looked like one-so how to remove the rubber
Well Acetone effects most rubbers so soaked it in that for 3-5mins
and it peeled off pretty easily - BUT NO FERRITE - BUGGER! - Just three iron cores -The search continues ;thinking microwave oven inverter power supplies (so if you have any old 1200w ones and can part with the power supply board let me know)
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