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Re: Mini Split
« Reply #30 on: April 09, 2022, 08:05:47 am »
Thats interesting SN, thanks for your post! As ive looked at the high end units, ive noticed more comments about failures. Wondering if very high hspf values could equal very thin radiators, not to mention pushing the limits of 410 pressures. Ive cautioned people on going too high performance or too low and choosing a mature product. Your experience is valuable. Yeah, ive 0 complaints on the pioneer, the indoor fan is even quieter than most ive seen.  I turned it on max the other day for a friend to check noise at outdoor unit. It was about 55db running at 0°C OAT. Also discharge air temp in photo. i doubt thats accurate since meter is in airflow but after only a few seconds, my hand felt frostbite for 5 min after so it was cold😨 (farenheit in photo).  And a photo of current draw while still producing heat. (Probably minimum) this is 12k unit.
We really like it.
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