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My wife and I bought a pair of Super Scooters recently - Honda Silver Wings:

Mine - with a fresh wash job after our Lake Superior lap:


Basically, they only look like scooters.  They are 600's, fuel injected, liquid-cooled, automatic CVT transmission, and will hit 120 mph before you get to the end of the freeway on-ramp.  They are not really lightweight bikes, weighing in at almost 600 lbs.  We recently took them on a 1,488 mile lap around Lake Superior, and amazingly they are more comfortable and capable machines than a Goldwing.  Mine got 56.9 mpg on the trip.  My wife's got 57.3 mpg.  She only weighs 135 lbs and I weigh 190, plus I had more gear strapped to mine.  So I think the additional weight accounts for the lower fuel mileage with mine.  But still pretty respectable.  Some people have claimed getting 60+ mpg with them, but not sure how they accomplished that.

We rode 2002 ST1100 Pan European's for years - a photo of mine taken at Brainerd International Raceway:

My ST had 117,000 miles on it when I sold it, my wife had 86,000 on hers.  We're still trying to decide if we made an upgrade or a downgrade with the new rides - but we're kinda thinking upgrade.  The Silver Wings don't have quite the range of the ST's on a tank of gas, but that's because they have a smaller 4.1 gallon fuel tank.  And the ST doesn't really start to run until you get to 80 mph and 100 mph is a nice comfortable cruise speed.  The Silver Wing will cruise at 85 mph all day, but it gets better fuel mileage at 70 mph.  Since we don't live in Europe, the ST's best-mileage cruise speed tends to get you in trouble anyway, so that's not really an advantage.

We're riding up to Brainerd next weekend for the Central Roadracing Assn's races there.  Should be lots of fun.

Which state?

Brainerd International Raceway in Brainerd, Minnesota.

I thought thats what you meant, maybe we should say hi?
Thats just a short hop away.  ;D

Cool.  The CRA guys should start filing into the track on Thursday afternoon for practice.  If we can get our hay baled we're coming up on Friday.  Otherwise we'll be there on Saturday.  I think this is the weekend they're running brackets on the dragstrip as well as the motorcycle roadraces on the roadrace course.  I flag corners for CRA and my wife works med, but we're not working this weekend.  We're going up to watch.  Look for a blonde dude hanging around with a tall blonde woman, wearing matching red white and black motorcycle jackets, and riding a pair of red Silver Wings.  That'll be us   8)

Or if you see this girl (our daughter) riding around on a blue #97 pit bike, ask her - she might know where we're at.  That is, if she doesn't get her bike impounded - she was racing it on the go-kart track the last time and doing wheelies in the pits and got it impounded for the weekend   :o


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