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Coffee grounds for fuel

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Now don't laugh.....seriously anybody ever sprinkle old dry
coffee grounds on red hot coals.....wouldn't the stuff be powdered
charcoal if you over roasted the stuff ?

Now Tom, Ghurd, and I could probably heat our homes about 1 day
out of the week from coffee grounds. :)


We turn ours into eggs or pork depending on who gets the kitchen scraps that day...

I have literally tons of firewood to process within sight of the house:

Those bigger logs are Black Oak and from 3 to 4.5 feet in diameter and 10 plus feet long. And, yes, I have a machine lined up to break them down into more easily handled chunks. A BobCat with a grapple and a bigger splitter than mine you see in the background. Might need to rent a long blade saw for the bigger ones over 4 feet diameter as my "big" saw is a 24" bar Stihl  MS 240. The smaller logs are mostly walnut slash & culls from logging the walnuts last year. All spotted within 400 feet of the stoves.

But, yeah, enough grounds could be interesting to burn with some kind of dry fuel / air  injection to get it to burn off hot and fast.


The best part of warmin' up, is folgers in your stove...

Ugh, I tried.  ::)

Interesting idea... But all kidding aside, would there be enough volume of the stuff to warrant designing a burner for them?

One things for sure - it would be a perky fire...  :o


I thought I remember someone making burnable coffee cartridges by mixing the grounds with just enough candle wax to hold it all together.

and it would smell nice burning too . . .

I have made emergency road kits with a wax/cardboard to use as a heater.
This might actually be a pleasant idea to add. In fact I think I will even drop in some vaccum packed coffee into that kit, why not have some extra pleasures to keep you feeling human?

Pretty simple things, at least the basic design... I won't go into all the little things I have tried with them here..
Here in Northern Minnesota (aka frozen hell) it can easily be a downright life or death situation if your car breaks down in the winter.
I use a used can from soups or similar, and cut a piece of cardboard to roll into it, then fill it with wax. This give a hot flame that lasts quite a few hours, with plenty of heat to melt snow, and thaw/cook if needed.
 I use these also in camping just to keep them in reasonably new condition.
Sure they may last a long time in normal storage, maybe forever, but they tend to melt  a bit here and there in a car, get heard to lite etc, so I use them from time to time. It's also gives me an excuse to make the next generation to see how i can improve here and there and still keep it cheap.
I might try to find a way to mix in some dried coffee grounds, in a test, just to see if they would work without a lot of extra smoke.


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