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My Deer Hunting Vehicles through the Years

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Things change.

I pretty much always had a Toyota Tacoma since back before they had a name.
My Dad did too.

And they are big enough.

Things started coming together for me and my wife.  The 15 years of plans and efforts were working out.
Time to upgrade to a 3 car family.  Vacation vehicle, and it was nice for deer hunting too.
wife wanted a Toyota 4-Runner.
A hitch rack was a great idea.
(that's my Dad)

Dad decided to downgrade to better MPG after 35 years of trucks.
Toyota Corrolla has fold down rear seating and is acceptable for deer hunting, with the optional tarp.

(edit- Thought this was 2 in the Corrolla, but it is inside the 4-Runner)

Having taken care of that purple Tacoma (did not drive it in the snow and salt for 3~4 years),
naturally it was one with the crap metal in the frame,
and the frame rusted out a few months AFTER the extended warrenty expired instead of 3~4 years BEFORE it expired.

At this point things are not going so well for me.
(notice 'me' instead of 'us'.  Last I heard, things are going just dandy for her.)
The logical choice for me at this time is the best city MPG possible.

This years hunting vehicle?  '09 Prius... and fold down rear seating, with the optional tarp.
Got lucky on the timing as far as price is concerned.  The new Prius C release seriously effected the resale value of used newer full size Prius'.

Plans modified!
Didn't notice until I had the thing for about 3 days....
It has a Reese hitch!
(who at Reese said "We need to make a receiver hitch for that new Prius thing, just in case somebody wants to do something crazy.")

That means it'll get a hitch rack.
Tuesday after Thanksgiving, trying to remove a frozen 150lb animal or 2 from the trunk of a smaller car, without damaging the car or leather interior, is NOT exactly my idea of a good time.
Probably be the only one like it when it has 2~3 deer on the back?

wife left her 1-1/4" windmill mount... sorry... "bike rack".
Meaning if free time and ambition coincide ever again, maybe I'll manage to test a few more turbines that have been waiting too long for their trip to the causeway.
Insert Prius where Camry is;


   good read Ghurd.  Sorry about the me part.  Been there.

Enough is enough.

Stupid people: "How far does it go before it needs plugged in again, and how far will it go after that?"
Smart people (me): 'Hybred'.
Stupid people: "Yea, but how many miles...."
(Edited for length and content before posting)
Smart people (me): 'You are an idiot.'

You want a plug on it?  Will that make you happy?  I got a plug.

Just an FYI-  Don't mess with the master of picking up crap nobody else wants... and saves ALL the parts... especially if he is bored.  And I am bored today.  (same concept goes toward telemarketers)

I swear to God, finished the electrical taping it to the hitch, went in for 1.5 seconds to grab the camera off the top of the TV by the front door, and the 1st people down the sidewalk were talking about the plug... "So that's how they plug them in!"

Another FYI- I did restrain myself at the time.

It's the 1st one I pulled out of the pail.  Guessing it is off a microwave by the extreme amount of stress related distortion at the plug.
'puters usually have white or black power wires, and clothes irons usually only have 2 prongs.

  Up here, in the winter, the person parked next to you in the parking lot would try to plug their
block heater into it.
  Maybe a little "danger, high voltage" sign?

Hmm, just for giggles...

Carry an extension cord. Park next to another Prius. Plug in the extension cord to your car and run it over to the other.
Tell people you are syphoning fuel :)



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