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soundcard Oscilloscope ?


looking at Burnit,s thread and drooling over his Oscilloscope , i,m wondering if some of the freeware software scopes are usable for a similar function of looking at mosfet,s fiddely bits ....

heres one of such ....

seems the sound card limits the max  v input   (.7v)  or else it might go pop....but if as in the link above suggested a V divider is used might give a similar performance level ?

say if a fet gate was being pwm,d at 18v.....and a divider of 20k to 1k used to sample the signal..

does anyone have any experiance of using a software scope ?


I messed with a souncard 'scope a few years back and wasn't too impressed. It was a while ago though and I only tried the one. There are some pretty cheap digital 'scopes out there now, if you can scrounge the cash I'd go for one of those.


thanks Jonathan...

i,ll take it with a pinch of salt then .... ;)

Hi, the scope was purchased on eBay. It was very low cost. I was surprised how many are available.     

thanks Burnit.....

when funds allow i,d really like to get one .....


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