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8010 based 5kw chinese sinewave mosfet inverter board

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Your right Pete, theres a tiny version of it next to the 002, sorry, i was thinking of the larger regulator.


make sure you do this mod as Oz describes on first post... makes all the difference with " tight " transformers like toroidals...

Thanks Noneya, I will read more what Oz said about it. Seems that they tried to be too clever for our own good.
Should not be too hard to remove the 393 chip.
From what I have seen looking at the 8010 board things are pretty tight but I will see when I get a chance to look at it again.
Thanks to both LH and Noneya,
It is great to have advice on these things. Too much smoke at times gets to me. Since I added the capacitor bank to my batteries the PowerJack is behaving well. The Oz article makes me wonder if PJ have gone overboard with short circuit protection too.
If it blows again I will  just replace the boards with the 8010 boards.

Just an update.
So I pulled the LM324 and replaced it. Today I got around to working on it again.
I powered it up but no go other than the Power LED lighting up.
Then I decided to measure the LM324 voltages. First I measured the supply and it was fine 12 volts on the V+ and V- pins.
While measuring the voltages on the comparitors I accidentally shorted the pins on pin 1 and 2, well the inverter powered up.
The LED on the 8010 board came on and the transformer hummed very quietly.
So i plugged in a load and the output came up and the light lit up.
But after about 5 seconds it shuts down. I have to short pin 2 to pin 1 on the LM324 to get it to start.
Fortunately I had put in a socket for the chip so I pulled the LM324 out and the inverter runs fine.
I am guessing that the OP amp controls things like Over and Under voltage and over current so will have to spend a bit more time sorting out what component is causing the problem.
At least I know that the inverter goes and even the original 8010 board works fine.
So that is the update

Great work Pete! If you have other ways to handle over and under volts etc, you may not need that stuff. The schematic of the 002 board is worth having a look for the voltage feedback, that connection is necessar to control the throttle. It should come through the little transformer and over to the 002 board.

The 8010 has its own protection for AC voltage too high or too low and it will shut the inverter down if they are not ok. The LED on the 002 board should blink a code to tell you what ails it.


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