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How does the PJ control board limit charging current?


they seem  to max at 3kw/60a, is there a  known tweak for this??

Hi Welshman, I have no idea how they control the charging current.
It may be a bit dodgy to go over their set current though. As an inverter the machine is probably loaded more lightly, They do give strange information on the label of the inverters about what loads it can supply. My 8kw 24 volt machine is really only rated at about 2kw for most loads.
If you were to try and boost the charging current, then the transformer is likely to run much hotter and the power transistors too.
I don't know what batteries you have but my SLA 660 amp hour batteries don't like much more than the C10 current put through them. They seem to be self limiting, I guess that it is the internal resistance of the batteries that does that.


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