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Just wondering how your inverter is doing since your last post (4 months or so?).  I have an inverter mainboard like yours that I had connected to some powerjack toroid transformers.  It did good until the load got above 3k, then voltage output got somewhat unstable.  Shelved that mainboard for the time being.  Back to running the house on a powerjack 15kw.

Curious about your setup as I was considering using that 8010 mainboard with an industrial 5kva 32/240v transformer I got awhile back.  I expect some significant idle losses as Welshman noted with non-toroid transformers.  If its loaded 24/7 guess idle losses wouldn't matter much, but there's always the in-line choke option for reducing the idle losses.

Anyway, how is your setup performing?  If it's running cool under load that's usually a good sign....

Evening Dochubert, hasn't missed a beat.. the only time its " cut out " was when the misses had big aircon going, then decided to turn oven on, while the microwave was humming along, oh all while usual parasitic loads like pool pump etc on... bout 9.5kw which was too much for the 2 63 amp breakers on input.. give em credit they allowed close to 200 amp for about a minute... then " clunck " ... had to let them cool before they would even let it idle  :o  ;D  ;D ...

Heck even had 2 accidental short circuits( tripped breakers).. still no dead mosfets yet... bloody love it so far...

That's great!
I wonder why mine had a voltage control problem above 3kw?  I was thinking of changing out the egs card before using it again.  What do you think?

I'm not sure sorry, whats the capacity and voltage of transformer?? I do know OZ discovered the eg8010 doesn't have as good dynamic range as the cpu in the PJs, you may be hitting  its limit.. but just a guess.... what is it exactly doing past 3kw ??

It was connected to powerjack transformers from a 15kw pj inverter. 32/230v.  So realistically, about 6kw worth of transformer.  What happened was it suddenly had a high voltage spike that blew out some led bulbs in the house and fried a surge protector and a ups.  No other reason to point to except that the total load was higher than it had been since I started using that inverter setup (around 3300w when it happened I'm guessing).  I had been using it to run half the house for about a week.  Load under 2500w.  No problems.  Put the other half of the house on it also and the second day of that is when it did what it did.  Didn't blow fets or anything.  In fact it was still running the house when I switched it off. 
Your mainboard appears to be the same one I have, rated for 10kw.  I knew with those transformers I couldn't go above about 4kw continuous and maybe a little more for short periods.  Figured I would be alright up to 4kw.  Wrong again!

Anyway, I realize you have a bigger trans but I wasn't exceeding the ratings of mine.  Thought changing the egs card on mine might solve the problem,  Maybe I got a weak one,


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