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Off grid water heating project

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Just about everything you said is wrong in some way.

LOL An amusing observation... In the mean time, the rest of us live in the real world. Thanks for playing.

Eidolon, to play devils advocate,  im gleefully curious to ask where you think madscientist " was wrong " ??

And if you looking for reliable dump loads... try these,  series them for voltage requirements  ( bout 26v each to be safe) and they don't care ac/dc. Can be pwm'd etc. . The only downside is the very low initial resistance. .. but easily handle full 250w each...

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

I'm not sure what your worry is about the oil filled heater.  I have used one connected directly to my 48v bank without issues(thermostat shorted with a fuse).  I read 5a with my dc clampon.  Probably only doing 3a or less actual.  The clampon is not too accurate.  The heater warmed slowly and never got as hot as plugged into 120v (which makes sense).

I have also used these direct connected to 3 series connected 320w panels in snow weather to help heat my shop and my camper.  They get very warm at peak sun.  Voltage about 95v drawing around 7 amps at peak sun on one element only.  This puts the heater at about the wattage they are rated.  Did this all last winter to see if it was worth messing further with.

In my well pump room I have one of these;

It is direct connected to 3 series connected 190w panels. It has no thermostat so nothing to modify.   It would get warm but not too hot at peak sun, and kept the regular heat lamp controlled by a freeze switch from having to work as hard.  Keeps the well pump room warm without costing me as much battery bank power.

Most commercial dump load controllers I've seen can't do any significant wattage.  That was my first problem.  Most of the controllers that claim to be diversion controllers are actually just dump controllers.  Another problem.  Diversion is on the back burner for now.  More important fish to fry.

Oh, and I like the little bulbs as dump loads.  I will get some and try them out.  More compact  than the traditional big wire wound resistors.  Easier to get and cheaper to buy too.


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