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Off grid water heating project

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Ah, water heating!  I've spent a lot of time and money trying to get the most I can from my system.  Mostly it's working very well.  This year for the winter months, I'm putting the four panels of the DC-DC converter all in series instead of the series-parallel setup used previously.  I got a moderate amount of water heating from it last year, but I think it will do better with all 4 in series.  Double the voltage input to the converter should increase the amount of time each day when the converter sees usable voltage to convert.
Sounds good anyway.


I will have to bypass the converter and hook the panels directly to the element of the water heater with them in series.  Series connection is too high of voltage for the converter.  Minor detail.

Wouldn't an MPPT accomplish what your trying for here, or am I missing something?


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