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Going off-grid in Idaho

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Hi to anyone still reading here,

All is relatively quiet in Southern Idaho.  Solar and powerjack inverter are working flawlessly 24/7.  Height of summer so plenty of power.

Winter and those short, poor sunshine days are on my mind.  I'm considering a "range extender" type small generator that puts out 48-60 volts dc at about 50a(that's what is claimed anyway).  If the grid is down in winter, I might be able to keep the batteries up enough to get by (with frugal power usage!).

Don't want to get ahead of myself on this, but I am working on a way to produce power without sun, wind, or hydro that looks promising.  I've tried some 'out there' ideas previously without success, but this idea uses off the shelf components in ways I don't think anybody else has tried, with the goal of charging my battery bank in winter.  When I have something concrete I will post it far and wide, starting right here.  Then people smarter than me can improve and spread it all over so nobody tries to make me disappear. 

I like being invisible but don't want to be gone entirely....

Hey Doc
From one who still reads, thanks for sharing

I'm of course still here but life has been stupid busy like normal.

Hey if it actually works great, if it don't let us know why.


This is the first day in more than a week that I could access this site.  Got the 'Site not available - Try again?' message.  Tried both my computers. 

Glad it's back!  Happened the same way a couple of years ago, and when I mentioned it here, nobody else seemed to have the problem so can't explain it.

Ghosts?  Gremlins?

Oh well glad it's back.

Sorry we have had multiple severe storms lately, it took down the system a couple times.
I wasn't home the last time for a couple of days. I had to get someone to go get things online the last time.


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