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y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System

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Hi Pete,

Sorry for the late reply I have been super busy since I returned from the Philippines. The Windmill project will be completed when move there in about 2 years. I did put compound under the resistors, plenty. I Have the other dump load here in the US. There are 3 charge controllers that are for front and rear panels on the roof and for the windmill. The windmill charge controller has dual charging capabilities so when the batteries are full it will activate the contactors connecting the windmill dumploads. You have a good point there about switching on the second dump load at certain voltage levels. I have purchased an analog voltage sensor that reads up to 240 volts to give an analog output 0-5v. Still learning some coding, IDE and Python and using as a way to use their icloud servers to monitor remotely from anywhere. The easiest to set up is the Rpi with no coding involved but I haven't had much luck with voltage monitoring which involves analog to digital devices. The MCP3008 have proved to be finicky so I have a serial ADS1115 converter on the way. Cayenne improves on their system in leaps and bounds. I have a dashboard set with widgets that monitors temps in the inverter and operate the cooling fan as I have noticed that the powerjack cooling setup seems iffy. I have coded an arduino that successfully monitors temps and voltages as a backup to the Rpi3. My goal is to use a the mega based PLCduino, the black box at top, as the backup but it doesn't seem to want to play nicely with the same code.

I recently delved into python script with the help of Cayenne tribe members and forums at to remotely reset the Rpi from the arduino and vice versa from my Cayenne dashboard. Cayenne is free for personal use by the way and the Cayenne community is very helpful when anyone hits a wall. They are amazingly helpful to newbees like myself. There was one guy that got snarky and sarcastic but the booted him.

Thanks again,

Anyone interested in viewing my fledgling arduino/Rpi3 project dashboard the following links will allow it

Here's a sketch for the Mega PLCduino to control fans etc and monitor voltages. That's the black box in the pic above with the wifi antenna sticking out.

Hey All!

I have purchased new mppt chargers that can handle 145v pv in. I would like to rectify 120vac to 120vdc for testing purposes with my new pj 2017 that has 2 main boards. Trying to put it thru it’s paces but blew out a power supply trying. I had planned on using a 40 amp bridge and big caps but not sure if that will fly.

Any thoughts!

Hi Solarnewbee,

120vac is rms, if you diode bridge rectify it, the capacitor will be charged to the peak voltage of the rms. For sine wave it is 1.414 x Vrms = 1.414 x 120 = 169.7 vdc (less the drop on the diode bridge, maybe 2 volts). So it will exceed the mppt rating.

One way example only:
For 140vdc, you will need 99vac. If you have a step down transformer with isolated secondary of about 20 volts, you can connect the secondary in series but out of phase with the utility power lines, 120 - 20 = 100VAC. Make sure it is out of phase, else you will get 140vac. Also, be careful you are working with high voltage with practically unlimited power behind it.


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