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Powerjack 8000W LF Inverter Question

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I have a powerjack 8000w lf 2015 Splt Phase version, similar to jdavies, except that there is an external L1-N-L2 jumper terminal block above the fan switch.  This is not to be confused with the Line terminal block below the 110v output jack.  Could someone please explain the use of this block, as while it appears to be a jumper block to determine output voltage/phase configuration it does not appear to be given the lack of information in the manual.  We are new at this, having purchased deep cycle batteries, panels and charging controllers and this inverter.  So far, so good, but being cautious we have not yet connected any output to the inverter just testing it at this stage.

In the event that this is a jumper block for the line connections (L-N-E), does this affect the configuration of the 110v connector above?

Thank you,

........ what fan switch?
LNE terminals are 0 - 220v and earth. The full output winding.
L1 N L2 is 110v-0-110v center tapped transformer output.

Use a meter and look if your not sure.

All power is floating above ground ( there are a few tiny caps that will give a high impedance voltage reading to ground... but no real power) until you connect it to a grounded system,,, then ground mentioned on the case, becomes house ground and whatever that entails in your code.

If using 110v outputs, try to balance the loads between the phases..... for book keeping for the inverter current limits....


Thank you. Measuring the output of the 110v jack, we get 175v L - E, N - E 59v, and L - N 116v.  The values are exactly the same for the "Large Voltage Output". What we are wondering is what the circled terminal block is for. Is it to select the output of the upper jack?  Or something else?

Ricardo c:
Hi badgenes, nothing to do with your question but a lot to do with the photo. I recently purchased a Powerjack 5000 watt inverter after having read the posts on the forum and I noticed something missing in your photo. Mine has a little switch next to the 240 volt output that overrides the fan thermostat for continuous running of the fan. Without this function switched on the thermostat operates too late when the inverter is working operating the fridge, freezer and the front loading washer and the thing shuts down. With the fan on it is fine. Maybe this could be retro fitted to existing machines and save a few headaches. 

The switch is for auto/on for the main fan so if you prefer continuous fan yay! As I understood from my discussion with the designer these powerjack inverters really weren't made to work in U.S. 220v systems split into 2 110v circuits plus 220v psc equipment since the neutral is bonded to earth at breaker panel, hence the "cannot L1+N+L2"Although.... There was a chinese/English barrier.


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