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Core's - Motionless Magnetic Generator (MMG)

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New to the forum and was looking for a place where I can document my build. For starters I am (was) a regular member on some of the other Energy forums. I have left those forums mainly due to the armchair theorist that populate those forums and create distractions.

I found this place, and here I plan on documenting my device that I am building. I am not building a free energy device however I am building a better dynamo. I am already well into the build and have been working on it for many months. Anyone who has built something knows how tedious and time consuming construction can be.

It will take me a few more months to finish the build and then just as many to "tune" the device. In this post I will not go into details of my design as I will do that on the next post. I plan on updating the build at least every two weeks or when time permits as life is busy. I have already completed the electromagnet and I am working out the electronics to drive it.

Here are the pic's of the electromagnet. On my next post I will explain the theory of operation. Basically I came up with a theory from reading many patents and research. Now I am building on that theory and I want to share it with people regardless if it works or fails.


Well, I hope this turns out to be something interesting and legit, as I am sure you have read the rules by now.
If so, it could be quite interesting.


--- Quote from: Wolvenar on September 28, 2015, 01:16:26 am ---Well, I hope this turns out to be something interesting and legit, as I am sure you have read the rules by now.
If so, it could be quite interesting.

--- End quote ---

I think I know what you are getting at and I pointed that out in my second paragraph.  :)

The underlining theory of the dynamo is based on two patents that I have come across. They are as follows:

- Thomas A Edison, 1890, Patent # 434,586
- Edwin S Pridham(for Magnavox), 1947, Patent # 2,426,322

The goal of the project is to build a generator that is based on the making and breaking of a magnetic circuit. I have carefully planned out my theory and spent many hours building the electromagnet that I presented in the pictures above. The device is being hand built, I am taking my time and I am taking my project serious.

I hope members on this forum can appreciate the time, effort and craftsmanship that has/is going into my dynamo. You may not necessarily agree with the principle (and I have not laid it out completely yet) but hopefully you can appreciate the craftsmanship.
There is no violation of any laws here, the patents mentioned above are legitimate and I am pulling off there base concepts. The only thing I claim as original is "how" I intend to break the magnetic circuit.

With this post I wanted to dive into the theory of operation more, however I am still at work and don't have that much time. I did want to respond to the posters  comment to clear up any confusion.

About me:
I work for a global energy giant as a project manager, prior to that I was in the Air-Conditioning & Heating field for 20 years as a technician and contractor.

The project will take time to complete as some of the electronics still need to be designed, purchased and installed. I solved most of my engineering hurdles and one in particular, that dealt with precision timing, I am the most proud of. Hopefully the members here can simply enjoy the effort that it takes to bring a project from conception to reality.   

- Core   

Hi Core, What is the premise, break the flow , use the spike to create output?
Looks like a transformer of sorts.
Always interested in new ideas ,hope it works for you.

niall: this a kin to having a big magnet close to a big coil of wire and suddenly ... (with no material yet known to man ) , collapsing the magnetic field with no opposite effect ........ to induce a current  ?....if so

i want one ......and go for it,ll beat the windmills sorry ass , thats for sure  :)

not trying to be negative Core .....and good luck with it ....


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