Author Topic: The dreaded Rifa smoke maker  (Read 7211 times)

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The dreaded Rifa smoke maker
« on: December 03, 2023, 06:22:57 am »
I recently scored an old 80's Bamix stick blender for $5 (Swiss made, barely used/like new - based in "Straya" 240V AC, 50Hz).

Got it home, put it under a mild load to test and seconds later... POOF, it let the smoke out - a stinky black haze shooting out from around the toggle switch!

Miffed/perplexed, I cracked the lid, and per the pictures, I now know of the infamous smoking Rifa's...

Bamix use an insulated (no earth) AC motor (the two yellow wires go straight to it) with a simple dial based toggle switch (two speeds + off). It seems this Rifa safety cap sits parallel between the power cord/switch and motor as a mains filter (that's my best guess anyways, if you know better, please do enlighten me)?

I'm keen to replace the cap, but I could do with a hand sourcing a suitable replacement:

This is the closest direct replacement I could find, but it's a bit rich for me and I'd prefer to avoid smoke-bomb caps -

And I googled for an suitable Polyester alternative, but nothing looked to fit the bill.

So, if anybody can suggest a suitable replacement (preferably poly & cheap, must have 25mm long legs) that would be most appreciated.

Thanks y'all!

Original specs as follows (per pictures):

Rifa 40/085/56
PME 271 Y 522
CMV (written sideways - illegible)

0.022uF (b) Y

for 10 MHz

And, a bunch of safety labels... DVE 560-7 {S}LD2 (S)(N)

19mm Wide x 13mm Tall x 7mm Thick
25mm legs (needed to wrap it behind the board/ft in handle)