Author Topic: PV hot water and space heat at a small cabin  (Read 8205 times)

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PV hot water and space heat at a small cabin
« on: March 31, 2022, 10:03:49 am »
Batteries Not Included.......

This is an interesting video.  650W of panels at a small camp in Minesota in the winter providing 6 gallons of hot water and when that is up to temperature, excess power goes to a space heater. This system operates in parallel with charge controller off array DC voltage. Panels are kept at power point voltage for efficient transfer of power to heating element.  Standard heater mechanical thermostat with arc interrupt so no damage to contacts.  Thermostat (only one in this tank) was switched with an upper type and when temp is reached, power is sent to a 1500W space heater.

Camp is heated with propane to prevent pipes freezing.  PV heating will save some of this expense.  Diversion is proportional and when more camp items are turned on, less energy is diverted.  This camp has a 12V lithium battery which never supplies power for heating and is always kept at full charge.  Wall switch is a three way. In one direction it goes to the water heater and automatic diversion to space heater.  Or in other position it only goes to space heater.