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4 stroke lawn mower converted to steam, fabricating boiler

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Hi, because I live in a low wind area, I started a steam engine project. The converted engine idea was from many other project on youtube. The engine conversion was made by modifying the cam using JB Weld to add two extra cams. The monotube boiler is more challenging. It run out of steam after 30 seconds. I fabricated a manual fresh water feed pump but it does not work well if at all. Another problem is the rocket stove after the grate fills with embers and the fire dies down.  Searching for solutions, suggestions are welcome.

very nice machine did,nt take you long to get it up and running as well , must be tempting to think about what you could hang on to it

what about the steam pressure ....does it need any kind of over pressure vent ?......

very nice ... 

Hi, this is a first attempt at using steam. Safety is a MAJOR concern. There a over pressure safety release valve the triggers at 110 psi. I read that monotube boilers are safer than other types boilers. I have to add a fan to the rocket stove. The main problem is the water feed pump. Because the boiler is a monotube, water has to be constantly add to the boiler when operating the engine. The water feed pump has to generate a pressure high than the boiler pressure so the water can enter the boiler. I am currently modifying a small air pump to use a water feed pump. Hopefully it will work but I am not sure. To be useful it has to operate a lot longer than 30 seconds.  ???
40 psi is the target operating pressure.

All the problem areas have been identified and hopefully I will have it running before it snows. I will post results when available. Suggestion are welcome.

system drawing

 He's baaaaaaaccck!  8)

As always, nice looking setup. Wondered what you were up to, we now know... Looking forward to seeing more :)



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