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Black Bears in Ohio

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Just read in the paper today that black bears are moving into
Ohio... so I think first off, not likely for me to encounter one
we don't go camping anymore.
If I did meet one I wouldn't be able to outrun it not at 35mph. !
Not allowed to harm or kill one.... big fine or jail time (endangered species)
 ( but thinking like some sportsmen....  BS shoot the SOB !  Right ?)
Personally ....thinking far out...If I were to talk about getting a gun
I don't think the wife would buy that story.....LOL
just a few thoughts for this morning.....


David HK:

You have not told us where the bears are coming from.

Why worry about bears. In Florida they have alligators - nasty horrible things - they are.

Just imagine if Tyrannosaurus Rex fronted up on your doorstep tomorrow morning. Your peashooter pistols would probably not make a dent on it.

The bears are probably looking for Ghurd!

Dave in HK

Ghurd has the right to Bear Arms


Simple strategy to avoid being eaten by a bear:

Just go out with someone YOU can outrun.

Or carry a small caliber pistol which won't stop the bear but will slow your companion when you shoot them in the knee.

Who says small caliber weapons are not much use, anyway?

Bottom line is you don't have to outrun the bear you just need to outrun any companions.

 :D ;D :o

Personally, in bear country, I would be packing a large caliber magnum with good jacketed hollow points rounds in it. Oh, hell, who am I kidding? I do that anyway.  :o


This guy sure would have made a nice rug.
I saw him a couple weeks ago.  I'm going to the
gun store today after talking with the woman, she's alright
with it now.  I wish I would of got a better photo,  it might have
given me more of an excuse to get a bigger gun.


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