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I pedal a bike down our street like once a looked
like they could use a little bit of air...New tire on back...Just bought
the new tire last year any bike tire I have under 10 years I consider new !

Anyway I hook the little 12 volt inflator to it and turn it on....being a new
tire and out in the sunshine, my glasses on I happened to notice
inflate 45-65 psi. oh ? here I've been inflating 25-35 all this time!

.....Oh well if it says so guess 45 psi won't hurt?

......trying it out....hey it is a lot easier....going down the street....pedaling
back up the street I always noticed that I was pedaling up a slight upgrade....
Not this time ?....Hey when did they slant this street downhill ....both ways !

I guess I'm used to pedaling the PedGen because with the tires inflated to
proper pressure ....I'm wondering what kind of wimp would need an E-bike ?

It's so easy.... no need for any kind of assistance electrical ....or even multspeed
......hmmm  direct coaster brake?   ....nah not quite ready for that tho.. :)


whooooosh----what was that?  Maybe it was Norm. ;D

Norm: ....Whooosh.....Blooop....Bloop... (sound of the Road Runner as he
passes E. Wiley Coyote....) ?

Racing bike tires go up to like 130PSI, or more
Some of the time trial nuts put them up to
like 150~170PSI.
Not uncommon to hear them "POP" just sitting around
the parking lot, with nobody even near them!

Why don't they just pump 'em full of cement?
and be done with it  ::)


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