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IRC Help

My favorite, across many operating systems is Xchat you can get that

Or many prefer mIRC which is

Chatzilla  is also popular and I have read below this posting about its ease of use
More help using chatzilla is here

The advantage of Xchat that most people will appreciate is that it has no nag ware, and never times out.

When your download of either it done, run the file, and say ok to any warning messages about file security your operating system or browser may give you. Most people can continue the installation accepting all default settings. If you do not know if you are one of the "most people" you very likely are. This is because you probably have a very standard operating system installation.

When the installation of one of these applications is done, you can come back here and click on the IRC URL once again. This could (should) bring up a one time window asking you if it should use xchat/mirc to open the link. Choose the program you just installed, and if its Xchat it should then bring you right in to the room you clicked on. mIRC has one more step I believe but I do not remember what it is.

If you are still having problems, please feel free to ask, and check back often, as answers can come fairly quick here.

If another moderator that knows what the are doing with this could edit, add, refine or correct this process for mIRC or anything else I tried to explain, please do.
Later we can copy it to the FAQ/newbie page.


I wrote this for tbs.
If someone with doze would like to take new pictures and donate them to the cause, I'll donate my words...


this page details how to get to #otherpower  using ChatZilla or MIRC. it has not been updated in a wile but all the links still work and the screenshots are still current as far as i know only problem is that they have made mirc a real pain to use past the trial period without paying for it not like it used to be were it would work forever only bugging you to register really hard every 30 days or so. 


Worked for me on Mirc in Wine on Ubuntu 10.10 (I think) as I type this.


Added a web client for the IRC last night.

Now any logged in user can click the link in red on the top right of the forum.
You will be presented with a button to click ( so google and such dont accidentally crawl into the IRC)
You will be logged in with your forum user name.

It's basically two clicks and your into the IRC.
No software to setup. and no troubles choosing settings.

At this point this is considered a trial run, if it gets abused it might not last.


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