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any radio experts on here?

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I have a question that I don't fully understand the concepts of, but I would like to know if something is possible.

I would like to change the frequency of a radio wave, shifting it from one to another. so as to be an antenna for one frequency and send it out in another frequency, with a high ratio of change. I would like to do this without any electronics or processing.

I'm thinking along the lines of something that can change the frequency maybe a cavity that resonates? an empty metal box of a certain shape, maybe channeling the with tapers. bouncing off edges. something about doppler I seem to remember. I don't really understand what I'm talking about. but I have an idea and would like some help with it.

is this even possible or am I talking nonsense?

input or clues appreciated.

i seem to remember reading something about how a radio wave of one frequency can be used to alter the frequency of another, i don't really understand it though.

if i put triangles of different sizes in a box and sent a radio wave through it, will that do it?  does anyone understand reflection, refraction, diffraction, absorption, polarization, and scattering properly, because i don't and i cant get any further.

is it possible to divide a radio wave into multiple instances of a smaller frequency? by sending them down a metal tunnel splitting and then having them bounce about, each division slightly different length of path and arrive at a destination one after the other. ( apologies for multiple posts)

and my last but most important question.

how could we end up with 50/60 hz



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