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Been about a year

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   Not quite--11 months?
  Once again we are approaching -40, C or F
  Supposed to last about a week.
  Not really complaining though, as up to this point it's been a really nice winter.

Wow... lol, don't have pics, but we have been opposite, 34-36 °c and 110% humidity ( ok, that may be a exaggeration, but you get the hint)..

David HK:
Hello bj,

Here in Hong Kong we have blissful weather. Today the ambient temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius and in the region of 45% humidity. The sky is open blue and there is a slight breeze.

Wish you were here!


  Hi David:   Wish I was there as well.   Actually, we were, last April.  Did a ten day cruise.
  Wonderful country, wonderful weather, wonderful people.

Hi BJ, there does seem to be a lack of temperature around your way at this time of year.
Here we rarely see it go below 0c. Most of our winter days are in the 3 to 5 degree range.
Not sure if i would get much done at minus 30c. I would actually have to rug up a bit for that.
Here I just wear a T shirt and a poly jumper most days.
Anyway I guess it is indoor job weather for you at the moment. I feel for the tradies who have
to work outside though.


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