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FS Power Jack 8000w and 15000w lf power board + control boards


howdey all,
                  I have for sale a 8000w lf power jack board rev1.8. rebuilt with all new mosfets and ready to go.
I will also have a 15000w main board for sale in a week or 2 when the rest of the mosfets arrive.
I also have the pair of control boards but both will need new optos.
make me a fair offer either for the lot or one item. I would rather them go to use by someone here instead of selling them on ebay.
all located in Ballarat Victoria.
I am only selling this stuff because i have gone the oztules route and built the whole lot myself just suited my needs better.

I can be contacted either by responding here or at


Are your boards still for sale if so I would like to price them


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