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can't join the chat forum

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Good morning all ,

 I join the forum ,but as soon as I try to post my greetings , it sort of blocks me .

 is it my computer or is there somethin wrong with my entry procedure ?



 I must clarify some points,

 I have been successful previously  and  I have done nothing different to my entry proceedure from previously . I normally go on the froum Saturday morning Oz time , so i'm confused ??


I 've tried to enter using another laptop and changing password --still be denied access..



here you go Bruce go to that website follow the instructions for setting up the irc program MIRC once your in and have it working pay the $20usd for the software get on with your life mate :) it will look very familiar because its the same program you used to talk to use for years before you went MIA there for a wile.

Thanks Kurt,

 I casually tried to connect  a week or so ago and it worked (without me doing any "joining up to irc" ,.

 So, it looks like it works sometimes.

 I'll probably go the whole hog and join up .

 I like chatting to the crew .



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