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Custom PM Alternators


Dave B.:
I have started building motor conversion PM alternators. Professionally stripped, rewound, baked stators with machined rotors to fit neo magnets and new bearings. These are not modified car alternators but custom built from induction motors to the customer's specifications. The photo shows a completed 3 phase alternator wired for 48 volt DC @ 120 rpm when rectified. This unit weighs 115 lbs. and is conservatively rated for 2-3 KW. If interested please send me a PM for more details or reply to this post with your contact information. Thank you.  email  bruggelog (at) netsync (dot) net

 Dave B

  Very, very, nice Dave

Dave B.:
Thank you BJ,

  I think I'm going to put this one or one like it to the test myself. It will be a project to follow in Wind and I hope to get started on this sometime soon. I'll update as things move forward. Thanks again,  Dave B.

Hey DaveB

Need some help with my windmill dumpload. My topic i started "DUMPLOADS" has gotten good attention and wonder if you can tell me what resistor ohms and watts in a delta form that would work for my dual PMG 24v 2400w windmill. I have found some 100w 1 ohm resistors but Pete says .24ohms worth of resistance to brake the gen slow enough during high winds.

any help would be great,


Hi Solar Newbee, I saw this question but could not remember where it was, I have posted the answer under your article on your retirement plans for the Philipines story. Hope you find it helpful.


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