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Battery Service
« on: April 12, 2012, 09:19:29 pm »
I decided I'd better service my battery bank before I get too busy with spring work.  So tonight I started the generator, switched us over to genset power and pulled the whole bank offline.

I must be doing something right with the way I got my bank hooked up.  I got twenty four 12 volt batteries (Rolls T12-250's) in a series parallel arrangement @ 24 volts.  The at-rest voltage difference between the highest and lowest battery was .03 volts.  On a load test @ 50 amps for two minutes the maximum difference between the highest and lowest was .05 loaded volts after two minutes.  The whole bank took about 2 quarts of water to top them off.

To have that many batteries that close on performance after one year in service is pretty good in my book.  Typically the slight differences in manufacturing tolerances between two batteries will have them further off than that.

I'm glad that job is done with.  It took me almost five hours to go thru all 24 of them.