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Re: Thermal battery for summer
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2018, 12:11:45 pm »

And the rest of the night. This was a good one to get a feel for its actual baseline ability... as the temp outside was pretty much at target and remained relatively steady, and I wasn't in it (going in and out, varying the load).

It shows that it not only can absorb the residual but do it with a slight gain when everything else is in equilibrium. I will call it thermally a success... as, while I expect the mean to rise, I'll be acclimating as it does.

Looking at this, I may even want to remove the static 10 gallons... experimentally at least. Seems the box is suited to do what it really needs to be able to without the extra weight (and threat lol) of the other being around. My target mode, it would appear, will be solely to control rebound and runaway... I've been at it too long to think I'd get absolute regulation out of anything at this point  ;D

For reference, other graphs that correspond...


(Rate of change plot, ignore the "never fixed blue line"... I've learned how to interpret it but don't expect anyone else to... at that, it's virtually meaningless on that time scale lol)  ::)


Aircon was started again just shortly after these were snatched... If the sun sticks with me enough today, I'll confirm my theories overnight... dink with the static 10 gallons maybe, and go on to controlling humidity... We'll see won't we ;)
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