Author Topic: Solinba pure sine 1500W inverter seems good  (Read 1593 times)

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Solinba pure sine 1500W inverter seems good
« on: July 21, 2016, 05:09:20 am »
People having followed the Power Jack inverter thread will be familiar with mention of Cher who's so very helpful working for Power Jack.

A friend of hers is responsible for Solinba inverters and these are available from

She had a return and got it sent to me to look over it. Not only could I not see anything wrong with it but on test it performed as I'd expect. It was happy with a 1kW electric fan heater and powered 2kW for 3 seconds, so demonstrates a capacity to handle a surge as specified.

The unit didn't like a 450W freezer - but no 1500W high frequency inverter does.

The standby current draw was about .6 amp so the 15W standby power draw is of the right order.

Frequency: 50Hz ± 5Hz
Output Wave Form: Real Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency: ?90%; THD: <2%; standby power: <15w
Temperature Protection: >70°C
Input Low Volt Alarm: 21±0.5v
Input High Volt Protection: >30v
Output Short Circuit Protection: keep beep and red light on
Cooling Method: Air-cooled
Weight: 3kgs

Certainly for computers, TVs, audio and LED lighting circuits this unit has possibilities. There might be merit in supplying lighting and sensitive electronics from such a unit independently from a heavy inverter handling loads with motors requiring grunt such as washing machines and fridges.

Best wishes