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Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by dochubert on November 30, 2021, 04:32:53 pm »
Wow!  Not just tingles!  Scares the crap out of me just looking at your pictures! 
You are definitely braver than me!  I don't think you could have gotten me to the top of that scaffold even when I was 20 years younger!  Make that 40 years younger!

(I knew there was another reason I never put up my windmills!)

And now you have to do it again....  Please be extra careful!
Users Projects / Re: Going off-grid in Idaho
« Last post by dochubert on November 30, 2021, 04:22:21 pm »

Hi SN,
Windmills?  I have a couple.  One is mounted just over the shed.  Produces nothing.  I realize it should be higher but wanted to see if I could get anything before I put the work and expense into poles and guy wires.  Was so disappointing I never put any others up.  Sadly, there is almost no wind here about 99% of the time, then we get 60mph winds for a couple of days.  Just not worth it (at least here).  Hope you get your windmill working well!

I did get four more winter-only solar panels up and added to my 24v water heating battery bank.  They are making a difference on these short days.  Sometime in March I'll take down all the winter-only panels and store them until next October.  Angled for winter sun they will be useless in summer, and some of them will be in the way of pasture irrigation, which starts again in late March.

I'm having to switch to grid at times now.  Been very cloudy recently in addition to short days.  Switched to grid on Thanksgiving so the wife could cook without me worrying about batteries.  Using grid power in winter is inevitable but I still hate doing it.
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by Pete on November 30, 2021, 02:55:51 pm »
Yep , I have to get up trees at times to trim branches that are dangerous or shading my panels. I am the same, ropes and ladders, still it seems that the older we get the higher things seem.
Is there no way to hinge the towers so that you can lower the generators down when you need to work on them.
Even a hinge in the centre would make life a lot easier, if you had a steel cable attached to the top and a winch to raise and lower them.
Sounds like the bearings never had enough grease in them, if they dried out and died from storage.
Like BJ says be safe and good luck
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by bj on November 30, 2021, 03:36:33 am »
   Gives me tingles just looking at the pictures.
Be safe
Users Projects / Re: y Philippines Retirement Solar Off Grid System
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 29, 2021, 10:02:37 pm »
I see what your saying Pete about safety interlock. My coding skills are limited as well. I think I have a soft interlock. That’s why if the arduino reboots the code sets grid high and inverter low first. When the arduino loses power I Lose power as well. All pins go low.

On another note, I finally raised my windmill. Rented 8 sections of scaffolding and pulled an 1 1/2” galv pipe 40’ in the air. The dual gen was design sit atop a pipe. I shorted the 3 phase wires for both generators so it wouldn’t move until I was finished. Then I welded it to the steel structure of our second floor. I had fitted 8’ of 1 1/4” crimped and welded down and crammed inside both Sections of pipe to give the weld a solid base for strength. I’m not an expert welder but my booger weld never fail haha. I ran 2 3 conductor cables to the solar room and connect to some high amp 3 phase rectifiers and connected the dc in series for 48v out. At first I was getting volts up to as much as 90v. Then the bearings failed from sitting too long in storage. There is a rumbling noise that passes down the pipe and throughout the whole second floor. Next month I will bring it down and replace the bearings. The guy with scaffolding is gone for Christmas holidays. $67 rental assembled and disassembled doesn’t seem like a Philippines price but no choice.

I’ll tell something, when your 40’ up at my age and Deminished strength you tend to wrap yourself tightly with rope to the scaffolding and pray every time the wind kicks up nothing tips over. Everything tingles when you down. Going back down scares the crap out of me.
Users Projects / Re: Going off-grid in Idaho
« Last post by solarnewbee on November 29, 2021, 09:34:43 pm »
Have you considered a windmill in your future? I finally got mine up. It groans something terrible and is probably the bearings since it sat in our extra bedroom at 30c for 6 years and the grease may have settled and the bearing corroded. Next month I will rent scaffolding again and hunt down bearing. I’m only get at most 11v from a dual 3 phase generator so it can’t be moving as fast as it could be.
All good points.  I like the gameplan you followed.

I really want an old PJ toroid to play with, I'm not ready to take a working unit out of service yet.  Long live my PJs!

I'll start searching for additional suitable caps and troll the Chinese sites for 8010 based products, noting your comments.

just another suggestion,  if you have the room, leave the original caps in place and just add a heap more... on mine i have about 200000 uf external to the main board... saves a lot of headache removing the old ones, also in any repairs as you just replace boards...

most caps, even the underrated ones, will still be fine... its the ripple or heat that usually get them, so adding more obviously reduces ripple and the heat thing should be dealt with anyways... Ill partially quote OZ, " a fan on low, blowing across em 24/7 should keep them happy for years to come "
I don't have pictures of what I had, One was in a stainless steel box the other was a clamshell aluminium enclosure.
Threw the boards away as they were no use to me and too complicated for what I wanted.
As you say nothing is current in their inverters, they are always changing.
One inverter had bolt on mosfet boards, they had 4 mosfets per board on my inverter. The DC side are the same except the AC boards had small ferrite beads on the central leg of each mosfet. Apparently that prevents them blowing up.
The other inverter had soldered in Mosfets on the main power board. Much harder to do a quick repair job.
The process I went through to repair them was suggested to me by Lighthunter via an old Oztules post.
FIrst to replace the mosfets, drivers and check resistors, then unsolder the capacitors and remove them.
Then I put a 5 watt resistor in series with the supply so that nothing would blow up while I was checking for gate drive.
After that replace the capacitors and put the whole shebang back together.
In the end I found that it had a bad connection on one of the battery posts internally, and that was causing it to blow up.
The less connectors on the high current side the better.
My new inverters are wired directly to the batteries with a 160 amp circuit breaker as protection.
Much larger cables than powerjack use.
With your inverters it may be worth just running them until they expire.
You could always get an 8010 board and have it sitting in the shed in case of major disasters with the PJ.
It doesn't take long to fit the transformer ( remembering the inductors, if possible add a turn to the inductor.
The 8010 boards come with a capacitor, make sure that you get the diagrams off the site that you buy them from.
Hope your system lasts a long time
Oooh.  I misread your final primary turns assessment -- confused the 12v to 14v 8010 requirement with "turns".  So, reducing primary from 22 to 18 turns made the 8010 happy, and increasing secondary turns fixed the output voltage and waveform.

Gee, you've got me wondering about the existing primary wiring on my toroid.  Noting the enamel coating, I just assumed it was copper.  I need to "dig" deeper, I guess.

i think my old Weller gun is the dual heat 120/240w model.  Been a long time since I've needed it.  Hope I remember how to use it . . .

Could you find/post a current link or picture of the unit you have.  Nothing ever stays current on the web selling sites.

Thanks for sharing the project info!
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