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Title: Alton Moore's Blade calc for Android
Post by: Wolvenar on January 07, 2012, 07:25:02 am
I was offered the chance to do this review, with the opportunity to get the app for free (yep bribery will get you anything)
But I promise, I tried to do a fair review

For reference I did this review running the app on an Nokia n900 in Android as a secondary OS.

My first impression of the app was that its simple fast and cleanly laid out.
I did however notice it does not display well and becomes unusable in the horizontal orientation, plus changing orientation by opening the sliding keyboard resets the application.
After mentioning this to Alton, who is obviously the programmer, he said he will soon fix this issue.

But keeping that in mind the application is super fast, simple and clean. I compared its calculations with the
other blade calculators he created, and as one would expect the results matched exactly.

Alton's blade calculators has been used over the years by many wind power enthusiasts with good results.
His calculator take a lot of the work out of designing a reasonable set of blades, the Android port gives this ease of portability.
at $1.25 (currently) it is very affordable and gives the programmer a little thank you pittance for his work.
It is currently available in the Android market (